Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Girlfriend Decided That We Needed New Phones So We "Upgraded" Over The Weekend. I Decided That Today I'd Post This Lot Of Smalls Entirely From The New Gadget. Status: Wonky Pic Sizing!


Wide screen photo dimensions aside, the new Samsung phone is easier to post from than the "old" LG. I don't actually do many different things with my phone so I don't download any apps, but what I do do with it I do A LOT. Getting a new phone is, as a result, quite a stressful situation. This one seems to be working out so far with only a few hiccups here and there.


With my old LG I couldn't edit or create a post using the Blogger editor. It was just too much for the

little guy to handle. What I did instead was build my posting in text and copy/pasted html in an

e-mail editor. Once I had figure out how to cheat the system it wasn't so bad, just a lot of copying and

pasting. Also, copying the html from Flickr for the photos was a HUGE headache. Both issues are

now more or less solved! Don't tell the Girlfriend though, I kinda fought getting new phones.


Anyway, notice a theme in this lot of smalls? I'm not a lush or anything (ok...maybe a little) but I do

loves me some vintage bar ware. It does pretty hood at the antique mall too. I've gone through about

3 or 4 of the vinyl ice buckets and anything with a starburst or atomic look does well. I'm probably

gonna keep the Silver Foliage glasses. Those will further bolster my growing collection of that line.

They aren't everybodies taste but I think they're both Mod and Classy! Some day we're going to have

a proper dinner party and these are gonna come in handy.


So it looks like this Galaxy S3 is gonna be able to pull its weight around here. I'd say it's a pretty blog

friendly phone. I hope I can find a way to make the photos the correct size but if not I can always

crop them. I haven't really experimented with that option yet and have no idea how easy it is to do on

the phone but I've been getting lucky so far!

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  1. I told you so! :)

    The Girlfriend