Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Years Roadtrip Vacation Was Truly So. I Avoided (As Much As I Could Manage!) Scavenging For Booty And Posting From The Road. Alas, I Did Still Pick Up A Few Pieces Of Whatnot During The Last Two Weeks. Status: Glass Smalls.


Truth be told, I picked up these Ruby Chalices about a day BEFORE our vacation began.  But I didn't get a chance to share them with you because of time constraints.  They've been around for ages before I picked them up so waiting a few more weeks for their 15 minutes of fame here ain't gonna hurt nothin'!


These are so beautiful but do I need another pattern of ANYTHING to collect?  Nope.  These are

headed to the shop.  The pattern is called Kings Crown by Tiffin if what I'm finding on the web is

correct.  If you are an avid collector, I'm going to try to get these over to the shop ASAP...but no



This tall glass amber vase WAS picked up on the road.  Somewhere if Florida but I couldn't tell you

exactly where.  The fake flowers were in the vase when I found it but weren't included.  I liked them

so much that I paid DOUBLE for the set!  I'm terrible at putting together fake flowers and I thought

those looked pretty good...so....there ya go.  Check out how closely the new vase matches the older

similar vase that I already have.  The only Real difference is that the new vase if fluted.  Nice though,


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