Saturday, July 20, 2013

Looking For One Of Those Sweet Gondola Style Daybed Sofas For Your Swank Joint? Check Out This Choice Unit At The Green Shag! Status: This And A Lot More New Stuff Available.


Dag, check out the sofa!  Nice right?  Wish it was mine to sell...'cuz I wouldn't!  It's got new foam in the seat too so it's nice a firm.  Note also that the attached side tables are reversible from wood grain Formica to white. These are kinda hard to find so if you think you might be in the market...better get down there and see if it's still available.  Just Sayin'!


Up front, in the consignment area, there's lots of new stuff that's come in over the last couple of

weeks worth noting.  I'm always a big fan of city scape artwork and there are lots of new pieces

sprinkled about the room.  Sorry about the less than stellar photo of these two...I was in a huge

hurry!  The walnut floor lamp is just way...Way too cool.  Ever seen one like it before?  Me either!


This floor lamp / end table may not be as over the top as the other, but it's still pretty fantastic.  I love

that type of multi element shade.  The large square painting isn't a Lee Burr Reynolds as I had at first

expected.  I can't recall who it's by at the moment though.  It's just horses but I guess the shape and

the style give it that mid century modern vibe.


I didn't have time to really scout out the shop and do a full recon. because I had only stopped by to

drop off some more smalls (Dansk salt pepper grinder, candlesticks, Nessen desk lamp, ect.) and tag

up the Brasilia chairs and Drexel Declaration dining set that I installed last weekend.  Then I decided

to take pictures of the antique plant stand from yesterday and I still needed to take a moment to drop

by the bank...ALL before work!


But I wanted to be sure to get a few quick photos of one of the newest vendors...everybody say hello

to Hannah!  (Hi Hannah!)  Hannah was one of the two bloggers who where of much influence on ol'

Mr. Modtomic. Both she and Pam of Retro Renovation helped put me on the path to publishing this

daily blog (but let me not forget to mention the Shaytards daily video blog as that is why I went with

a Daily blog!)


The first time I met Hannah was via a craigslist ad via which I was purchasing a couple of chairs and

a few lamp shades and we sat around that very Brass Top and Spider Leg Table and talked blogs and

drank beers for hours!  Can you believe that she's sharing this little 8 X 6 with a friend?!  I can barely

keep all my stuff from spilling out of a 16 X 6 Double Wide!  My prediction is that it won't stay this

sparse and spare for long!


Now wouldn't you just love to have this little piece of blogging history sitting in front of your sofa

this weekend (maybe in front of your new Gondola Sofa?!?!).  Yeah, I'm sure this has been featured

on Hannah's blog and now it's been featured here AND like I said, it played a small part in my start as

a blogger!  History folks!  History!!!  Dang, look how professional her tags are.  Mine are like

scribbled pieces of colored paper with a hole poked in it.  I such a four year old.

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