Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Have No Children And Don't Plan On Ever Having Any Of The Crumbsnatchers...So What The Heck Is This Cosco Booster Seat Doing At The Modtomic Ranch? Status: It's Not...It's At The Green Shag Market!


I...Love...These.  So much so that I wish that there was a larger version for adults!  I'd so have one...or wish I could have one, or whatever.  Since there isn't I've had to make do with (strangely) longing for one of these in it's original infant configuration.  As of last weekend I will long no more.


I have absolutely no use for this item and it'd just be weird having it around the house, unless I could

somehow train the cat to sleep in it.  Don't laugh, I trained him to sit up and beg for treats.  Alas, it's

just not worth the effort.  I've bagged my quarry and it's time to move on.  This got dropped off at

The Green Shag Market this morning.  As a matter of fact, I took a handful of smalls there today

since I had to to some major re-arranging.


That Drexel Declaration dining suite that I dropped off a couple weeks ago?  Gone...leaving a hole in

it's wake.  To fill the gap I thought I'd bring down the Mies Van Der Rohe BRNO reproductions but

guess what?  Gone.  Same day.  Well sorta.  A buyer wanted to check to see how they'd look around

her dining table (a BEAUTIFUL Florence Knoll Italian Marble table like mine...only BETTER

::sigh::) so I took a pair over for her to check out.  So tomorrow (today as you are reading this) they

are headed to The Shag to pick up the rest.  Another hole.  So guess where you'll likely find Mr.

Modtomic Sunday afternoon?!  Stop by and say howdy! (Psstt...I'm taking the Kem Weber chairs

down with case you were wondering!)

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  1. Aren't they the coolest little things? We've had one in yellow for a few years, complete w/ the cushion and all.