Thursday, July 11, 2013

If Ya Like Vintage Roadside Motel Signs You're Gonna Like This Post! I Didn't Stay At Any Of These Joints But I Couldn't Resist Stopping To Take Some Quick Photos To Share. Status: Enjoy!


I didn't spot too many of these grand neon signs down in the Florida Keys so I took a couple quick photos of a couple of those I did.  I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of development in the keys.  It really turned out to be just like my Jimmy Buffet, Conch eatin', Coctail swilling, Sunset spyin', Fresh out the Ocean Seafood eatin' know?


There were just too many beautiful places to stay down there!  I'd be happy to stay down there until I

stayed in Every One Of Them!  Maybe longer!  Alas, I am not independently wealthy and yeah, had

to come home.  But for real, couldn't you just live in a place with palm trees and all that great Jimmy

Buffet stuff?


Some of the motel signs aren't really old but are still notable.  I'd have loved to see what the rooms at

the Kon-Tiki looked like.  The Islander looked like a very expensive joint indeed, but the sign was

amazing.  There are all sorts of places to choose from in the Keys.  We actually ended up staying a

night just across the street at The Blue Fin Inn.  It was VERY reasonable and quite nice, but I totally

forgot to shoot the room and the only pic I took of the neon sign was unfocused.  Still, I recommend

the place if you find yourself looking.


These last two places were joints we spotted while on our way out of town early on our vacation. 

The Shawnee Chief is not in service and I think available.  Unfortunately it was located in an area

that looked quite down and out.  I'm not sure why there's any motel where this is, much less one of

this size.  I'd love to have that sign though.


The Heritage is in Carbondale Il.  It IS still in operation.  These were the first photos of our vacation! 

Yeah, I didn't get very far before the camera came out! 

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