Friday, July 12, 2013

I Plucked A Dozen Stakmore Danish Style Folding Chairs From The 'List That I Just Couldn't Pass Up...But I've Got Nowhere To Put 'Em! Status: Need Some?!


I found these neat danish style Stakmore folding dining chairs on craigslist during the week. They were so cheap that I couldn't pass them up and as such I'll be able to drop them in the booth at The Green Shag and put a bargain price tag on 'em.


I only had time to pull out four of the Twelve that I've got and only had time to clean up One of those

but you can see what they'll all look like, more or less, from that one. They're pretty sharp looking,

especially for folding chairs! These would work fine either as permanent dining chairs OR as stylish

extra seating for parties and holiday dinners. Heck, I might just keep four for myself!


Sadly, I'm so "overstocked" with vintage modern awesomeness at the moment that these puppies are

currently being stored in the back of Frank the Focus wagon...which is probably a good thing because

it keeps me from buying more large items to bring home! At least these don't take up much space.

Remember, I've got a DOZEN of them in the back of the car, AND a pair of Victorian style chairs for

Mom-Tomic that I picked up from the same seller. Mom-Tomic is getting pretty savvy with her smart

phone. We're able to text photos back and forth of items we think the other might want. Craigslist ads

too. We've managed to score some pretty good stuff for each other this way. Ain't technology great?!


  1. These are great chairs with great lines to have around for extra seating and I sold the ones I rehabbed to a customer to use around her small danish table as regular everyday users. Much better than some less than lovely chairs she had been using. I'm sure they won't last long!

  2. Love these chairs! How much are you thinking of selling them for? They would make great extra seating for parties, and I'd be interested in a few, probably four.