Monday, March 31, 2014

So Between Exploring "The Strip" At The Lake Of The Ozarks And Having A Wonderful Meal In A Cave (See Yesterday's Post!) I Managed To Fit A Little CraigsPicking In And Wound Up With This Super Rare Broyhill Brasilia Bookcase. Status: Available!


Mr. Modtomic LOVES him some Brasilia.  I'm always on the hunt for another piece and when I find the rare specimen it just makes my lil ol' heart go pitter patter pitter patter.  So you know how overjoyed I was to spotted this gem while in the Ozarks.


What a great weekend!  The weather was just nice enough Friday to get us out of the house and on

the road.  Saturday was windy and still a little cool but brilliant and sunny.  That was the day I picked

this up and we made the trek to the Cave Restaurant.  Then today was just perfect.  Sunny and warm. 

Finally!  This winter SUCKED.


Can you believe we managed to fit this rather sizable piece into the back of the Fiesta?  Yes, it is a

hatchback, but it is MUCH smaller than Frank the Focus Wagon.  I wasn't really planning on picking

up anything like this when we left Friday so I didn't take Frank.  The Flirt (what we named the Fiesta)

get so much better gas mileage.  It was a struggle to get this all in the back of that tiny hatchback, but

with the help of the Girlfriend and the gentleman who sold this to me, we managed.  I wouldn't

recommend trying yourself though.


Oddly enough, this piece does not have a Broyhill Premier stamp on it anywhere.  Years ago I

purchased a Brasilia bedroom set (just to get the nightstand, believe it or not!) and after sealing the

deal the seller asked if I might like to see another short cabinet that she had which she thought might

go with the set.  "Sure", I said.  It turned out to be just like the bottom of this piece and that was how

I knew what this was when I saw the pics on craigslist over the weekend.  These pieces, the 6150-55

cabinet and 6150-60 hutch, are exceedingly rare.  This is only the second cabinet I've ever seen and

I've NEVER seen a know, in real life.  Even on the Internets you won't see a lot of these. 

So if you're looking to put that super rare piece of Brasilia in your joint, I am dropping this off at the

Creve Coeur antique mall Monday, but it won't be cheap...and I don't ship.


  1. Awesome Mr. M! Quite the score!

    1. Hi Kate.

      I hated leaving the lake and that fabulous strip but the booth won't fill itself with amazing items!