Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hmmm....I Was Really Hoping That This Was A George Nakashima "Minguren" Coffee Table, But There Are A Few Details That Have Cooled My Jets. Still, Either Way It's A Killer Piece. Status: Unknown.


I saw this table pop up on the Kansas City craigslist a while back and got kinda wound up about it, but it being a three plus hour drive away...that was about it.  A little winding up.  Then it popped up again this morning at just the right time and the die was cast.  I contacted the seller and was on the highway.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Some Recent Lighting Finds That I've Yet To Tag Up And Deliver To The Booths. Status: Cluttering The Foyer For The Moment.


Again, Mr. M was just plum tuckered out when he got home from work last night (remember, I'm a second shift worker) and just didn't have the wear with all to get a post done. But, since ain't much happ'nin' here at work today I'm taking the opportunity to get it done now! Alas, it's just a couple of lamps that I've picked up recently.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Surely You Didn't Think I Was Gonna Feature My Own Space At The Green Shag Market And Ignore My Fellow Vendors! Of Course You Didn't And I Appologize For Calling Your Shirley (Airplane...Please Tell Me You Get It!). Alas, I'm Tuckered So It's Just Photos This Time. Status: Acapela...Or Is It Instrumental?


Much like McDuff here, Mr. M is just beat.  I got a bug of some sort and a hard day's work really took it out of just dropping off some pics of some of what you might find down at The Green Shag Market this week if you happen to stop by.  Enjoy!

Time For Another State Of The Booth (Green Shag Market) Address. It's Been A Little While And Things Are Always Changing...And Not Just In My Booth, But In The Shag Itself! Status: Awaiting Your Visit.


The fine folks down at The Green Shag Market are so amazing.  They take such good care of Mr. Modtomic's booth!  Every time a large item shifts or I ham fistedly shoe horn in another big load someone comes along and magically makes it all look good.  I'm pretty good at making it fit, but they make it presentable.  How lucky am I?!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Did I Say I Was Done With The 127 Corridor Sale? Sorry! I Almost Forgot About These Great Classroom Retractable North And South America Maps. OK, Now I'm Pretty Sure This Is It. Status: Available.


Remember these!  Do schools even use these retractable maps anymore?  I see these in a lot of posts on Apartment Therapy.  They make great art pieces and are just so bright and colorful, they'd look especially great in a stylish child's room or a nursery.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Danish Style Daybeds Are Always A Good Score. Finding One That Doesn't Creak When You Plop Down On It...Well That's Just Icing On The Proverbial Cake. The Trade Off? It's Contemporary, Not Vintage. Status: Available.


Who knew that anyone still made this type of stylish simple daybed?  Moreover, who thought it'd have a steel frame that will be solid for about a hundred years.  Being contemporary, the cushions are of modern materials that will also last a long time but the backrests aren't quite as structured as you'd find on a vintage piece.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

This Is It. The Last Of The Haul From The Highway 127 Worlds Longest Flea Market / Yard Sale. Just Two More Pieces And You'll Not Hear About Hwy 127 From Me Again For Years! Promise! Status: All Done.


Even though...or perhaps because...this stuff was so hard to find, hunting for and through the myriad of pop flea markets and yard sales was great fun.  I wish I had taken more photos of the places we stopped and the stuff we saw, but alas...I'm in either photographer mode or buyer mode...and apparently, never the twain shall meet.

Friday, August 22, 2014

How Many Times Have You Spotted A Lamp Like This At An Estate Sale Only To Find A NFS Tag On It?! At Least 'Round Here They LOVE To Keep These All To Themselves. Status: Availbable.


Makes sense.  These are great for lighting a display of goodies at an estate sale.  They also do the trick if you're just needing a little illumination to read by in your favorite nook.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Kinda Looking Like The Great Craigs-Drought Of 2014 Is Finally Over! I Nabbed This Great Pair Of Slat Seat Swivel Lounge Chairs A Couple Days Ago And Have Missed Out On A Few Other Gems Along The Way. So Things Are Looking Up! Status: Ready.


I've been trying to get this fantastic set of bent plywood swivel loungers down to the booth in The Green Shag Market for a couple of days now.  You have no idea how many times I've driven down there on a Tuesday (the only day they AIN'T open) to drop something off.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No No, I Didn't Start A Redwing Bobwhite Collection. I Picked Up This Set Along The 127 Corridor 690 Mile Long Flea Market. Am I Tempted To Keep It? Yup. Am I Going To Keep It? Nope. Status: In The Booth (307 CCAM).


This cute little family of Redwing Bobwhite serving pieces was about the second or third item we found on our fun little yard sale road trip through Ohio and Kentucky.  These came from a collector rather than a seller of random wares and were a welcome find.

Monday, August 18, 2014

These Beautiful Blue Art Glass Pieces Were The VERY First Purchase On Our Highway 127 WLFM Weekend Adventure. I Was So Afraid They Wouldn't Survive The Entire Trip, But They Made It! Status: Available In Booth 307.


I actually hesitated when I spotted this lovely pair of...uh, what exactly are these called? Vases? Chalices? I don't know. I can't seem to find the right term for them in my brain at the moment. Anybody? At any rate, finding good stuff right away felt like a good sign. I guess I should have taken it as a sign that I'd find mostly good Smalls!

Nope, I'm Not Done With The Good Stuff From The 127 Corridor WLYS...But I Am Taking A Quick Break. I Picked Up This Fantastic Set Of Stainless Steel And Leather Chairs Over The Weekend And Have Already Tagged Them Up And Dropped Them Off At CCAM. Status: Available.


Yesterday was quite a busy day.  Not necessarily work busy...but once we got going it was fairly non stop.  After a brunch at the Girlfriend's Mom's we had to hustle to get over to the Creve Coeur Antique Mall to pull these out, clean them up, photograph them, tag 'em up and find some room for them in the booth.  Then we had to tool home to grab up some lawn chairs to sit in at the Drive In.  Phwew!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dorothy Thorpe Style Booty (Ha, That's Kinda Funny) From The Worlds Longest Yard Sale, The Famous 127 Corridor Flea Market. As You Can See, You Can Find Good Stuff If You Are Persistent Enough. Status: In The Booth!


This nice little haul of chrome rim bar ware came from two different sources along highway 127 but both sets were great bargains.   I would normally keep (horde?) this stuff for my own bar collection, but I think I've got enough.  Time to spread the wealth so these pieces are available in booth 307 at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

127 This...127 That. Get Used To It! I Picked Up Plenty From The 127 Corridor Worlds Longest Yard Sale. Lots Of Smalls. Hey Look, Here's A Couple Now! Status: Tagged And In Booth 307.


Again, this is just a handful of the small items I picked up along highway 127 last weekend.  'Memba that I told ya that Sunday was a good day to get some sweet deals?  These were all late Saturday finds that I picked up from a guy who had pretty much thrown in the towel and was asking only ONE BUCK for anything he had.  How could I resist THAT!?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Loot From The Worlds Longest Flea Market: The 127 Corridor Yard Sale. This Russel Wright Pitcher And Vari-point Lead Sharpener Are Just Two More Of The Stash Of Smalls I Nabbed. Status: Soon To Be Tagged.


I was REALLY hoping that I was going to be pulling into the driveway here at home on Sunday with a Focus wagon FILLED with awesome chairs, tables, lighting and such...but it just wasn't meant to be. Instead I'm having to be happy with a decent haul of smalls. I'm not disappointed but just a little underwhelmed. Still, compared to an average haul from the local fleas I did quite well!

Farm Fresh! Right Out Of The Flea Market Field. This Was The Third Russel Wright Samson Lawn Chair We Spotted Along The 127 Corridor Flea But The First With A Reasonable Price Tag. Status: Had.


I don't normally involve myself with items that might be considered "rough", but I'm trying to expand my horizons!  My inclination is to strip this and repaint it....actually, it WAS to leave it behind, even though I can see the potential leaving it as is.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lacking A Lot Of Vintage Modern Larger Items I Had To Look For More Interesting Items As An Alternative. This Live Edge Coffee Table Was One of Those Great Finds. The Little Bulova Clock...Bonus! Status: Flea Booty.


This coffee table is the largest and most expensive item I managed to pick up over the weekend.  I managed to bundle (thanks American Picker Frank Fritz) it with another item to get the price right.  I feel like I should have brought more home, but this is just the start.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

While Not A Bust, I Was Certainly Hoping - If Not Expecting - To Find More Treasure Along The 127 Corridor Worlds Longest Yard Sale / Flea Market. A Good Time Was Had Anyway And Much Was Learned. Status: Done.


Sadly, it will be years...YEARS before I believe I will be able to attend the fantastic 127 Corridor yard sale / flea market again.  It's a scheduling conflict with work.  Why do all the great things happen during the first week of the month in which they take place?  I can't take the first week of ANY month off!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

While Tooling South On 127 Through Cincinnati Ohio We Stumbled Upon A Little Shop Full Of Vintage Modern Treasures Called Object By Modology. Status: Welcome Distraction.


Sadly, there just wasn't much by way of vintage modern to be had along the section of the 127 Corridor World's Longest Flea Market / Yard Sale that we managed to scavenge this trip. That's not to say I failed to fill a good portion of Franks back end, but when we spotted this joint, it was like a fresh of breath air!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mr M Bloggin' From The Road! We're Doin' The 127 Corridor World's Longest Flea Market This Weekend. Just Starting Day Two. Status: Roadtrip.


Weather has not been cooperative this weekend as the rain found in St. Louis on Thursday followed us all the way here. We finally got out from under it yesterday for the most part, but it's back this morning.

Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm Not Really Aching To Be Rid Of This Just Wore Enough To Finally Be Interesting Falcon Chair, But Space At Home Has It's Limitations So It's In My Booth At The Shag. Status: Everything Has It's Price.


I finally caved and replaced a vintage sofa we've been using for years with the MUCH more comfortable Gus Modern unit I was making available until recently. Since I also had the matching chair (and can't bear to break up a set) I had to shift the chair that WAS where the Gus piece needed to go. Hence the availability of the most prized (I guess not MOST prized) Sigurd Ressel Falcon chair.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Third Piece Of Broyhill Sculptra This Week! AND This Is The Second Sculptra Knee Hole Desk That I've Made Available. The Last One Found A New Home All The Way Up In Chicago! Status: Already Gone.


Just behind the desk you can see the full size bookcase headboard that also came with all the Sculptra that I just dropped off in booth 307 at The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur.  Now you know why it took me FIVE hours to bring all this in, clean it all up, photograph it and tag it!  That's just a lot of big furniture!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Kinda Wish I Had A Poster Size Print Of This Photo To Hang Behind Our Bar At Home. It Pretty Much Says It All, Doesn't It? "Joe's Welcome Wagon", Nice! Status: Not My Booth.


Only issue with Joe's setup is, well...a janitorial trolly?  Really Joe?  That's the best you could come up with?  You've got all that great liqueur there and gussy up your self, but the cart?  Neah, let that be.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yes! More Sculptra! This Five Drawer Chest Of Drawers Came In Along With The Six Drawer Dresser That I Featured The Other Day. A Nice Set You Say? Besides These Two There's Still More! Status: Already Gone.


Yep, this was part of Saturday's haul what cost Mr M. five full hours of hard labor.  It's a tough row to hoe, but somebody's got to do it...and I don't mind so much.  It's nice to have such a large space here in Creve Coeur that I can do just a bit of re-arranging and manage to stuff in a few more large items.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Camels. A Regal Beast? Maybe Not, But They Are Representative Of A Certain Eastern Spirit And Nature. As Art They Perhaps Evoke A Somewhat Bohemian Feeling. Status: Available.


A few weekends back, after about a month and a half of dry pickings, we dropped by a little antique mall in the heart of Florissant.  This wall art Camel set wasn't all I found there but the Girlfriend Really liked them and they were in a booth having a good sale.  How could I resist?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Timing Is Everything. Just After Finding A New Home For That Vintage Redline BMX Bike I Found A Couple Weeks Back I Picked Up This Beautiful Broyhill Sculptra Dresser (And More). Status: Already Gone.


What a day.  Beautiful weather, shifting merch. and hauling in more!  I spent 5 hours today buying, hauling, moving, cleaning, tagging and photographing new items for my booth at the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  Pretty great way to spend a Saturday if you ask me!