Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Kinda Looking Like The Great Craigs-Drought Of 2014 Is Finally Over! I Nabbed This Great Pair Of Slat Seat Swivel Lounge Chairs A Couple Days Ago And Have Missed Out On A Few Other Gems Along The Way. So Things Are Looking Up! Status: Ready.


I've been trying to get this fantastic set of bent plywood swivel loungers down to the booth in The Green Shag Market for a couple of days now.  You have no idea how many times I've driven down there on a Tuesday (the only day they AIN'T open) to drop something off.


First of all, even though these look like maybe they're by Arthur Umanoff or somebody similar, these

are not vintage.  These are a contemporary interpretation of the Hans Brattrud "Scandia" chair.  Even 

though they are contemporary, I can't seem to find a place that still offers these on line.  So, if you 

like what ya see...ya might wanna get to The Shag this weekend before they get snatched up!


New, used, vintage or otherwise...I don't pass on great design.  I try real hard not to be a snob about

reproductions.  We can't all afford to populate our humble abodes with the likes of original Wegner

Papa Bear chairs or even original versions of the ubiquitous Eames shell chair.  If I find it cheap, it's

going in the back of Frank and will likely end up in one or the other of my booths at The Green Shag

Market or The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  Think of Mr. Modtomic's booths as the 1stDibs for the

working stiff...where you can actually take the items for a test drive before clicking the purchase



  1. Those are cool chairs! I’m an old guy from the era and new to your blog but I’m enjoying it a great deal because you’ve got a great eye for finding good stuff and share your experiences of the hunt for them. You’re exactly right about 1stdibs; nice offerings but pricing is prohibitive for the regular shopper. Keep posting!! -midmichigan

    1. Hi Midmichigan.

      I love hearing that folks are reading the text as much as just checking out the pics. Glad to have ya along for the ride!