Friday, August 29, 2014

Some Recent Lighting Finds That I've Yet To Tag Up And Deliver To The Booths. Status: Cluttering The Foyer For The Moment.


Again, Mr. M was just plum tuckered out when he got home from work last night (remember, I'm a second shift worker) and just didn't have the wear with all to get a post done. But, since ain't much happ'nin' here at work today I'm taking the opportunity to get it done now! Alas, it's just a couple of lamps that I've picked up recently.


I'm not the greatest fan of this style base, but I love these shades. I actually purchased a

pair of lamps like this from Gus (a local dealer who has various shops around town that you

may remember) just for the shades. Those where a bit larger than this one and those

shades are on my lamps in our bedroom. But I'll clean up the base on this particular lamp

and offer it up as is. It's nice to find a lamp like this at the thrift store and the shade (as

delicate as it is) not be all busted up. Bonus: it came with a working bulb!


Speaking of shades...moving shades from the thrift to home and from home to the antique

mall always rattles my nerves. Seems like that's about the easiest thing to mess up when

transporting the goods. I've only ever really made a mess of one and that was on a

particularly long drive to NOLA. I guess that stuck with me since I always get worked up

about crushing them. Anyway, this matched pair of table lamps didn't come with shades. I

probably won't try to find a matching set of shades since that only happens once in a blue

moon. The cool thing about these lamps is that the small cylinder at the bottom lights up

too....well, it will once some bulbs are placed in there. I'd love to show ya but the bulbs are

missing at press time. So, if you wanna see what they look like all lit up you can either look

for post I did quite a while back about a lamp exactly like these (how weird is that?) or you

can check these out in person at one of my booths!


  1. You probably already know this, but you didn't mention it. That top lamp with the peek - a - boo shade is a Gruvwood Lamp from about 1964

    1. Hi Dave.

      Good to hear from ya! Actually, I didn't know that! It's good to have such a knowledgeable and diverse readership.