Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time For Another State Of The Booth (Green Shag Market) Address. It's Been A Little While And Things Are Always Changing...And Not Just In My Booth, But In The Shag Itself! Status: Awaiting Your Visit.


The fine folks down at The Green Shag Market are so amazing.  They take such good care of Mr. Modtomic's booth!  Every time a large item shifts or I ham fistedly shoe horn in another big load someone comes along and magically makes it all look good.  I'm pretty good at making it fit, but they make it presentable.  How lucky am I?!


It's hard to do vignettes in such a limited space.  It's a battle between making it look fancy and taking

full advantage of the space.  I try not to get crazy about it but it does come down to: if it's not here it

can't be taken home by someone else...right?  Luckily, the staff likes to play house with my stuff!  We

seem to have an unspoken agreement.  I try not to over crowd and they re-arrange it for me and make

it look good.


I will admit, I do need to figure out a better arrangement for the shelves.  Getting to the smalls right

now is kinda tricky.  I also want to put new tags on all the older bits and bobbles.  I don't know if the

pink and green hand made (read: cheap!) tags were ever a good or bad idea, but they certainly were

visible!  Alas, Mr. Modtomic is becoming a big boy and needs to clean up his act a little.


What about those white "Christmas" lights?  Are they doing anything for me?  They seemed so much

cooler in my head but after we put them up...well, they just didn't quite land.  It was a huge pain to

get them up there and it'll be a huge pain to take 'em back down.  I'd do it all myself, but there's a

liability issue with vendors on really really high ladders.  Limited space or no, knowing that The Shag

has it's vendors backs is why the place has a waiting list!


  1. Maybe someday I can drive down there; I’d love to peruse the aisles, MMT! We have nothing like that in my neck of the woods. Your booth looks great. - midmichigan

  2. I'd say that the Christmas lights can stay. They add a little retail magic vibe to the place. : ) I love to have a browse through the Green Shag on trips over to STL, but i'll admit i'm still a little sore from the grey Florence Knoll inspired sofa experience. Like ships passing in the night and the tag was GONE!