Monday, October 12, 2015

Dang, See Those Leaves In The Grass? Yup, Summer Is Over Again And Fall Is Creeping In. So What Else Is Sitting There In The Grass? Why Those Are Peter Opsvik Ergonomic Chairs. Weird, Huh! Status: Already Gone.


Somehow Mr. M lucked into a FOUR day weekend.  Unfortunately that first day (Friday) was cloudy and cool, but at least I found these fantastic teak Balans chairs, all in great condition.  Their very pretty blue upholstery, contrasting against the beautiful teak frames made up for the otherwise dreary day.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ahhh...Nice! More Knoll / Saarinen Armchairs! You Only See Five Right Here But I Assure You That There Are Nine Total. Hey, It's Hard To Shoot Nine Chairs All At Once! Status: Available.


Aren't these fantastic!  I managed to procure Nine Knoll / Eero Saarinen tilt swivel rolling armchairs a few days ago...and what a crazy chore it was to get them all in the back of Frank.  Believe me, it weren't easy!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another Item Crossed Of My List. I Finally Found A Vintage Koch And Lowy Reading / Pharmacy Lamp! Not An Easy Find It Seems...Unless You're Looking In My Booth At The Time Machine Antique Mall. Status: Available.


I see tons of similar brass floor lamps at the thrift stores all the time, but a real Koch and Lowy? Not so much. This one turned up on craigslist and sat there for a few days before even I noticed it. Hard to believe I was the only one to notice it.