Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vintage Modern + Wood + Plated Steel, A Recipe For Awesome! Status: New (to me) And Been Around (here...for a while).


While not necessarily a match, these candle holders do make a nice set.  I just acquired the wall sconce style hanging candle holders but I've had the table holder for ages.  Not a bad combo, dontcha think?

Friday, March 30, 2012

This Sad, Dirty, Forlorn Shadowbox / Mirror Was Waiting For Mr. Modtomic To Rescue It At The Wentzville Flea Market Last Weekend. Status: Saved.


When I drove out to Columbia Mo. to pick up the Drexel table and chairs last Sunday I took a few minutes to make a quick pass through the Wentzville Flea Market.  I didn't pick up much but there were a few items worth running back to the car.  This nasty, dirty display made the cut since I could see the potential.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Cool Lighting Piece That I Picked Up Last Weekend. Status: Basement Booty


Since none of us were at the front of the line at that Saturday morning estate sale I figured "shopping" the first floor would prove fruitless and shot straight for the basement. I had the run of the place for a good five minutes and picked up a number of goodies before anyone else even made there way down. This beautiful vintage modern light fixture was one of first items I spotted.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

While Out Estate Sale Scavenging Saturday We Managed To Find A Few Other Treasures At Other Sales Despite Late Arrivals. Status: Lamp Share


After the "big" estate sale that both Nick and I attended, the Girlfriend and I decided to peruse a couple of the other sales in the area that didn't make the "wait in line all morning" cut.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Had Some Erands To Get Done Today By The Local Goodwill. Stopped In And Check Out What Was Waiting There For Me! Status: Snatched.


I've been having terrible luck at the local thrift stores lately (on the whole, sorry Dave...shoulda' been here THIS weekend!) but today's find filled the burgeoning void (in my heart...not the Garage).  Funny thing is, these had price tags dated 3/19/12.  They had been just SITTING there for a whole week!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Please...Won't Somebody Buy This? It's Got To Be One Of The Coolest Things Ever On Craigslist! Status: Available


I've seen this relisted recently and while I understand that it's not for everybody, surely somebody out there can appreciate how incredibly cool this is!

While There Were No "Big" Estate Sale Scores To Be Had This Weekend Something Did Pop Up On Columbia Mo. Craigslist! Status: Roadtrip!


And what a brilliant day for a roadtrip to mid Missouri!  I even got an early enough start to have time to stop at the Wentzville flea market.  Unfortunately it wasn't an early enough start to get there in time to score all the good stuff.  Vendors were already packing up!  But I arrived in Columbia at exactly my appointed time and picked up this beautiful....oh have to click through to find out!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Speaking Of Nick (Armadillo), We Spent Saturday Morning Waiting In Line (#s 4-7) For An Estate Sale. Status: Pillaged.


I almost decided to forgo the photography of this estate sale...and still only shot the basement and a little of the garage.  The wallpaper above is what sealed the deal.  I HAD to at least share THAT with ya!  There were some other interesting things to behold as well.  Let's look inside.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nick Made A Minor Comment About My Pair Of Bose Speaker Stands Come Tulip Tables And That's All It Took. Status: Blogged.


Can't hardly believed that I never blogged these tables before.  It's kind of a before and after...well, without so much of the before.  C'mon, you can use your imagination to picture the before, right?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ever Been So "On The Fence" About A Craigslist Buy That You Were A Little Relieved To Lose It? Status: Lost It.

image 0

I spotted this chair and ottoman on craigslist last night around 8:30pm and called the seller right away.  The phone just rang and rang.  I looked at the pics again and figured, "huh, it must be at a thrift shop or something".

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anybody Else Collect Georges Briard Items? This Ambrosia Pattern Cookware Is Pretty Retro Huh! Status: Pans Of The Gods?


I think I may have started collecting this pattern (Ambrosia) of Georges Briard cookware just about the same time as it's designer, Jascha Brojdo who designed under the name "Georges Briard", expired in 2005.  Weird, that.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Almost Forgot That I Picked This Log / Magazine Catch-all At The St. Clair Antique Mall A Few Weeks Back. Status: Sharp, No?


I'm not usually into brass fireplace stuff but this is pretty cool.  I passed on one just like it at another antique mall about a month or so ago because it was all scratched up but this one is in nearly perfect condition...or at least for a used item.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Project Complete. I Finally Got The Hardoy Butterfly Chair Frames Primed And Painted Sunday. Status: Before And After Satiny Black.


Any of my neighbors who might have been awake at 2am last night might think I'm a little weird.  Who spray paints chair frames hanging from a tree in their front 2am?  This guy.  That's who!  Hey, it was warm...and well, they were already hanging there from the primer spraying earlier during the day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

There Were A Couple Of Good Looking Possibilities That Popped Up On Craigslist Today. Anybody Gonna Go Snatch These Up? Status: Bargains

image 0image 0
image 0image 0

We drove all over the St. Louis area yesterday and mostly came up empty handed.  I guess we shoulda just stopped driving and scrounged through Craigslist instead!  Check out all these great bargains!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Modern Art Knock Off? WTF? Bopfish Gots The Real Deal, Mr. Modtomic Finds A Cheap Copy? Status: Cool But Left Behind.


Nick, Dave (of Dave's Mid-Century Stuff), the Girlfriend and I got to all hang out together Saturday afternoon.  One of the many places we went was Steve's Antiques in Alton Illinois.  There were no scores to be had during the day but it was fun to hang out with other like minded bloggers and I did see some interesting stuff.  I'm always looking for more artwork and there were a few items at Steve's that intrigued me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sorry For The Lateness. Check Out Our Good Friend's Sofa Quandry. Status: What To Do?

05 DSCN6311

Our good friends have recently acquired a vintage (Mid Century Modest - thanks Pam, for coining the term!) sofa from their Grandparents.  The bad news: the sofa went through a house fire and it's suffused of smoke aromatics and such.

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Booze Station Here In The Land Of Modtomic. Another Cool Danish Piece That Had Been Languishing On C-List. Status: Match Made In Vintage Mod Heaven!


So there ya go.  Like they were made for each other.  The seller had a trio of really cool bar stools that went with this bar but sold them separately.  The bar kept getting "top posted" every couple of days.  Although I was initially interested just 'cuz it's cool, I didn't really have much use for it and it wasn't really "flip" priced.  Well...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Check Out This Big Pile Of "Bull". I Brought Him Home From The Goodwill A Few Weekends Back. Status: Brutal Bovine!


Mr. Mod is slowly curating quite a collection Brutalist art and stuff.  First was the light sconce, then came the cool clock and now this pissed bull.  Why is the bull so pissed? Hmmmm...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Dropped By The Green Shag Market Again Sunday (I Know...I'm A Weak Man). Two Trips...Two Lamps. Status: Two For Two.


Seems that the Green Shag Market is the place for lamps for this guy!  This one isn't quite as nice as the last one but at least it had a shade!  PLUS I get to do some work on it!  It's kinda stupid but it's fun to bring some beauty back out of something that needs a little work.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So You Mighta Heard About The Cool Pop Up Sale That Nick, The Girlfriend And I Hit Saturday. Wanna Have A Looky 'Round? Status: More Than Just A Sale.


After the Steve & Sheri estate fail, the three of us (Nick, the Girlfriend and I) found ourselves in the land of awesome!  Yeah, this stuff wasn't the cream of the crop, mostly project stuff...but it was like a collection of all the best stuff you'd find in the basement or garage of all your estate sale dreams!  But then, I loves me some junque-tiques!  Click through to take a look around at some of the cool stuff that was there.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Uhmmm...What The Heck Is That? Some Sorta Weird Patio Lounge Bed? Status: Weekend Acquisitions.


Nick (from Mid Century Midwest) and I made plans Friday evening to attend a Saturday morning estate sale in Crestwood.  We had both looked through all the pics on line and had called "dibs" on our respective desires and decided on what time we'd meet in the morning.  It was to be the perfect morning hanging with a bud and buying up some great vintage loot. But all was not well in the land of potentially great vintage Crestwood estate sale loot.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Sat Unsold On Craigslist For Over A Week. I Tried And Tried To Let It Be. To Let Somebody Else Snatch It Up. Status: Farm Fresh.


While looking around the web at Erik Buck barstools a while back (after finding my Erik Buck barstools) I repeatedly spotted Erik Buck dining chairs.  I had never really noticed them before but they apparently did make an impression because when I spotted this set on Craigslist I knew almost immediately what it was.  Still, I hesitated.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

This Little (Little?) Jewel Popped Up On C-List Night Before Last. Picked It Up On The Way Home From Work. Status: Brutally Fake.


Brutally fake?  Huh?  What's that all about then?  Well, when I spotted this clock on C-list the other night I was fooled.  I gawked at the pics did a double take at the price and shot off an e-mail.  I over offered since I was asking the seller to meet me after 10pm.  But I didn't really read the ad until I had already sent the e-mail.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mr. Mod Had To Drag His Lazy Butt Outa' Bed Early This Morn. To Pick Up Something Cool In Belleville And Since He Was In Illinois Anyway, Stopped By The Big St. Clair Antique Mall. Status: Shopped And Photoed.


I'll share my Belleville booty with you later, for now let's take a little photo tour of another local area antique mall.  This one is on the west coast of Illinois in Fairview Heights.  It's in a great location too...very near the highway exit for state road 159, a bunch of other shopping and a restaurant that I've been wanting to check out for a long time...Lotawata Creek.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Kinda Fibbed A Little Yesterday. I DID Buy Some Stuff...Just Not At The Thrift Stores I Shot Pics At! Status: Thrift And Not Buy? Pffff...Whateve'!


After "striking out" at the Value Village and Goodwill yesterday I made a quick pass through Salvation Army and hit pay dirt.  Oh, it's not much but it kept my brain from exploding.  And I got some plans for those framed florals!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Thrift Store Pics. Got Sidetracked Trying To Get My Business Done Yesterday. Status: Crappy Camera Phone Pics...Sorry.


I had to get up a little early yesterday and try to get some "real life" stuff done but was thwarted by a broke machine where I needed to get my business done.  Luckily there are a couple thrift stores RIGHT THERE!  I didn't actually buy anything there but I did see some interesting things, like this overnight bag which I'm inexplicably smitten with.  I think it's just the cool vinyl.  I hope it's just the cool vinyl. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sally From Kansas Sent Mr. Modtomic An Inquiry Concerning An Amazing Set Of Dining Chairs. Status: Mr. Mod Fail...And Has A Sad.


Ok...maybe not a sad, but at least some frustration!  I've poured over Google Images for hours trying to get a handle on these chairs and have come up empty handed.  I'm throwing them out there for youz guyz.  Show me the magic!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Attributions. They Can Be Tricky And Can Raise Expectations. You Gotta Watch Those Pesky Attributions, I Tell Ya. Status: Frederich Weinberg. Is It? Isn't It?


I recently came across an eBay completed listing (where I look for comparables and values...with a grain of salt) with a set of these nesting patio table / trays attributed to Frederich Weinberg.  I haven't been able to find any other patio tables like them with the same attribution though.  So where did this seller get the attribution idea?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Short Cold Afternoon Of Project Starts. You Might Remember This Slat Bench As An Estate Sale Score From Last Summer. Status: Started? Only Just.


I've been sorta avoiding this project since I acquired this slat bench last summer.  Looking at all those slats that need cleaning / just seems so overwhelming.  ::sigh::  But D*mmit, I want my slat bench!  So last weekend the screws came out.  This weekend I started liberating some of that paint.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Craigslist Alert! Broyhill Brasilia Dining Suite Just Listed. $400 Status: The Iron Is Hot.

Brasilia Dining Set

The picture above is of my personal set.  It's not available.  Click through to get the link to the C-list ad for the set that is!

More Plastic Dinnerware. This Time The Girlfriend's Estate Sale Score. Status: Texas (ware) Hold 'Em.


The Girlfriend spotted and snatched this lot of Texas Ware at the estate sale where I picked up the "Slavic Modern" danish style chair and pole lamp recently highlighted here on Mr. Modtomic.  What a gorgeous blue color, but is this considered "confetti"?  If not, then what is this called?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Although I Shamelessly Pour Through C-list Ads And Often Snatch Up Good Stuff Within Hours Of Listing, This Arthur Umanoff Bar Sat Unbought For Days! Status: Trigger Pulled.


It's funny how some really good stuff can sit on craigslist for days without being snatched.  I just had an e-mail conversation with a local reader about a pair of chairs that sat unbought for well over a week on the list.  He had apparently shot off an e-mail after the sellers had bumped up the ad and gotten no reply.  Miffed, he did the next logical thing: he shot me a note asking if I had snatched them up!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hot or Not? Mr. Modtomic Is No Expert On Glass But Was Smitten By This Pair Of Hand Made Glass Vases. I Just Couldn't Pull The Trigger. Status: Left Behind.


I kinda liked this pair of yellow glass vases that I spotted at the Goodwill down the street last weekend.  Unfortunately they were $4 each...which doesn't sound like much does it?  But $8 for a pair of pretty glass vases that I have no real need for is $8 that I'd rather spend on something worth $25 that I have no need for!  Know what I mean?