Sunday, March 18, 2012

Modern Art Knock Off? WTF? Bopfish Gots The Real Deal, Mr. Modtomic Finds A Cheap Copy? Status: Cool But Left Behind.


Nick, Dave (of Dave's Mid-Century Stuff), the Girlfriend and I got to all hang out together Saturday afternoon.  One of the many places we went was Steve's Antiques in Alton Illinois.  There were no scores to be had during the day but it was fun to hang out with other like minded bloggers and I did see some interesting stuff.  I'm always looking for more artwork and there were a few items at Steve's that intrigued me.


This painting looks quite a bit like a John Haymson piece found recently by Bopfish.  It is

so close! Very similar styles and either just outright copied or painted from the same location

but obviously signed by a different artist.  Were Haymson's works so popular that some

company started churning out "inspired by" copies by the thousands or something?  It's still there.


Mr. Modtomic was also digging this matador painting (or print, more likely).  It was hanging way

up on the wall where I couldn't get a close look.  I'm pretty sure I've seen this print before too,

but it's still right up my alley.  Also, check out the frame!  Nice.  Again, I wasn't out really looking

to buy.  We were just hanging out.


But...if this had been available AND for a reasonable price, well...I've been eyeballing this

particular piece at Steve's Antiques for a Long Time!  Why would they have this if it's not for

sale?  Got me.  I'm going to have to ask about it next time I'm in there.  I love the subject and

colors.  To tell you the truth, this doesn't look like it would be too difficult to make!  Right, like

I've got the time.


  1. If you want to throw in a link to Mid-Century Midwest, I'll be putting up a few more pictures of our Alton adventure soon. Good to see you again and meet Dave. I had a great time. Did you end up finding anything after I split?

    1. Hi Nick. There's always a link on the right side of this blog to your current blog post as well as your blog itself. It's how I keep up with everybody else's blogs. Thanks for hanging out with us all day and nope, all we found was a small "starter set" of Salem Northstar for Dave. I'll get him hooked on collecting dishes yet!

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    1. Hi Hannah. You're welcome on the little table. I'd love to have you back on the blog list but I'm keeping it at 25. I have to set a limit or it would take ages for the blog to load. I do make changes occasionally but usually only when a blog stops posting. I use the list as my "personal" blog list to keep up with what my fellow bloggers are up to and if they aren't posting, well...there's nothing to keep up with!