Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So You Mighta Heard About The Cool Pop Up Sale That Nick, The Girlfriend And I Hit Saturday. Wanna Have A Looky 'Round? Status: More Than Just A Sale.


After the Steve & Sheri estate fail, the three of us (Nick, the Girlfriend and I) found ourselves in the land of awesome!  Yeah, this stuff wasn't the cream of the crop, mostly project stuff...but it was like a collection of all the best stuff you'd find in the basement or garage of all your estate sale dreams!  But then, I loves me some junque-tiques!  Click through to take a look around at some of the cool stuff that was there.


We actually got to the sale kinda late, yet there was still plenty to go around. We all got us

something to bring home and work on. It's amazing all the "extra" stuff that Rocket Century

needed to get rid of! I was more than happy to "help"!


The sale really did run the gamut of vintage modern. There was all sorts of Danish, Vintage,

Retro and Mid Century to be had and at "get it sold" prices! Even now...looking at the pictures

I'm kicking myself for not grabbing "this or that" neat item and adding it to my particular pile.


See, lots of cool stuff, including what looks like a Jens Risom sofa.  It's upholstery was in pretty

sad shape, needing a full on re-upholstery job.  It was only $80.  But it's hard for somebody like

me to drag something like this home that is obviously too special to do a hack job on.  Oh sure,

I might be able to make it look "good enough" but it really deserves better.  But that costs money.

Real money.  Paid to Real Upholsterers!  Not my bag.  But oh...it was so hard to leave behind.


Then we got to take a look around inside the "warehouse" where the Real Gems were.  These

are the items that Rocket Century is selling in it's online shop.  Unfortunately they weren't

expecting a visit from Mr. Modtomic and his little Nikon so most everything was stored and

protected under plastic.  Still, I managed to get a shot of the magnificent Martin Borenstein sofa.


This Overman recliner and ottoman were a little more my speed though...both in price and style!

You know, if I hadn't already spent so much time and energy on my Mr. Chair I would have tried

to work something out in order to bring this lovely (and oh so very comfy) set home.  I took it for

a spin...er swivel?... and found that it not only reclines but has a locking lever so that once you get

it in that recline position you don't have to balance it there like the Mr. Chair.  Nice.  Did I

mention that it was comfy...and lovely.  It was.


Wow, and I thought there were some great lamps Outside to be had!  This is like...lamp-topia or

something!  I especially get all tingly over the genie vase base lamp with the corset looking shade.

Very sexy indeed.  A pair of those would easily replace our pair of danish "rocket" lamps on our



Then there was all the great artwork available!  Yes, there's some very nice standard size framed

pieces but the really interesting stuff is the large format pieces.  I wish we had the tall ceilings of

the joint we stayed in near Tower Grove Park.  The Motomic Ranch requires long low pieces.


I could have been happy uncovering stuff and setting up shots all day long but the Girlfriend and

I had a date with our respective nap areas...her the sofa and me the Mr. Chair.  Plus the crew

at Rocket Century were pretty busy tallying up sales and helping buyers so I had to make do

with the time I had.  Believe me, my crumby little quick take of their inventory in no way reflects

it's superior quality.  Make sure to click the link on the right to take a better look at their current

inventory.  It's some really nice stuff and I'm sure there will be new items added regularly. They

still had quite a few projects awaiting work even as some were being purged.  Like the sofa

and coffee table that came home with yours truly!


  1. Please please please tell me you got that sweet mustard colored armchair. That is the chair I never knew that I always wanted.

    1. Hi Nick K. The one outside...that kinda looks like a McCobb Armchair? I was really tempted...and sorta overwhelmed. There was just TOO much that I wanted to take home. I had to choose carefully!

  2. Awesome stuff, fixer upper or more than fixer upper and ecclectic is my sort of thing. I dig just about all genre and styles of furniture and housewares from the 1940-1970 range with some things dating older or possibly antique, this type of sale would totally be up my alley. At the beginning of 2011 I found myself leaning toward the Arts & Crafts/Mission Style but having to much of it comes off overly masculine and a little stark. I would have loved to come across this sale as like I said all things mid-century seems to be what is really drawing me in as of late.

    1. Hi David. I too love the Arts & Crafts / Mission style. I'd be just as happy filling a Frank Lloyd Wright style Bungalow with that as I am filling the Lily Pad with this stuff!

  3. That was an awesome sale! I didn't get there until 11:00 and there was still some cool stuff, including the $80 sofa that I am still dreaming about. I got the inside tour as well and - WOW. Amazing collection of finds there at Rocket Century. Seeing it kept my dream alive of having a warehouse space of that nature.

    1. That Jens Risom sofa was amazing. I was eyeing it up all morning and trying to justify the purchase. If only I knew a good upholsterer who'd work for cheap.

  4. Damn, damn, damn. I NEED that 3 piece sectional in the lead photo. I'd drive up right now and get it if it were still available.

    1. Hi Dave. And another one just like it popped up on C-list here Monday for $150. It's probably gone by now.

  5. that sectional sofa made my heart stop!

    1. HI Jamie. See my comment above. Those pop up at estate sales pretty regularly, but you gotta be ready to either live with some worn upholstery or be ready to get it re-done.

  6. Hey Mr Mod. I've linked you up on my blog. Mind if I borrow the picture of the dream sofa?

    1. Hi Nick. You got it dude. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Time...it gets away from you, you know?

    2. Found out today it was the same one.

    3. Hi Dave. The three piece sofa? I thought it was a weird coincidence.

  7. I'll bet I wouldn't have any problem filling our van at that sale! Some very cool pieces!

    1. Hi A Mod. Oh, if only I had more room. I actually didn't have room for what I DID bring home...but I wasn't leaving it behind either!

  8. So how's that slat sofa and coffee table coming along? We were so excited to see these pics and know that so much more of it was sold by the end of the day! We'll be Craigslisting some things that did not, and after the buzz you and Nick have created on the Jen Risom style sofa we've been getting more inquiries. Funny thing is that it makes me appreciate its great lines even more! It's not gone yet, so anyone who can reupholster or slip cover could get a great modern line sofa that will become timelessly cool with some TLC!

    1. Hi RC. If only I had the room...and time...and expertise!

    2. If you need some strapping, we can hook you up.

    3. Hi RC. I got lots of strapping...not the OEM stuff but stuff that'll work. Thanks!

  9. my goodness..this is awesome........right now ...wishing i was in sTL :(

    1. Hi Sudha. It was a good time! It's good to have friends to do this stuff with like Nick and Illuminate (who sadly, could not make it this weekend).

  10. I agree with Nick Klaus, that mustard colored arm chair is sweet. And it just happens to match one I have awaiting new upholstery. I could have a matching pair!!! :)
    Any chance it is still available, Rocket?

    1. Hi Kim. I bet it is...watch craigslist. I know I will...of course!

    2. Hey there, that cute little baby did sell. :( But Remember that Jens Risom ish Sofa?? I'm making a shameless plea to save it on my blog! LOL