Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Had Some Erands To Get Done Today By The Local Goodwill. Stopped In And Check Out What Was Waiting There For Me! Status: Snatched.


I've been having terrible luck at the local thrift stores lately (on the whole, sorry Dave...shoulda' been here THIS weekend!) but today's find filled the burgeoning void (in my heart...not the Garage).  Funny thing is, these had price tags dated 3/19/12.  They had been just SITTING there for a whole week!


Sometimes, when I look at the pictures I've taken of the items I'm blogcasting about, I realize how

hard it is to know the condition of things via online photos.  The Drexel Kipp Stewart / Stewart

Macdougall Declaration set yesterday, it looks pretty nice in those photos...and really it is...but it

really is "farm fresh".  There is even clear glitter fingernail polish or glue on the table top.  I've not

done ANY cleanup on it and it looks pretty nice in the pics!


This set of four Hans Olsen for Frem Rojle danish rope dining chairs "suffers" from the same issue.

It's hard to take a bad picture of beautifully designed furniture!  But the set has issues as well.  And

again, these are straight out of the Goodwill.  I haven't had any time to do any cleanup of "fixing"

yet, so...you know...expect another post on these some day.


As you can see from the small burn marks, someone in the former life of these chairs was a

smoker, a clumsy smoker. I'm not worried about the burns since none of them are "through". I

think I'll be able to clean them up and make them less noticeable. What do you think? A little

bleach and a Q-tip?


Then this one. This chair is the only one with any structural issues. This back leg has been

"rubbed" on a wall or something and picked up some paint along the way. It's also loose at

both the seat joint and the backrest joint. It'll have to be disassembled to be fixed. Then the

wood will get a good rub down too. I'm gonna spring for some danish oil for this set. Dang,

there was a couple of cans of it at that last estate sale! I need to remember to start grabbing

that stuff up when I see it like that.


  1. What was it about yesterday and rope chairs?

    1. Hi Bopfish. I know! I kinda miss my folding set but I made goooood $$$ off that set I had like yours.

  2. Hey, some weeks are better than others. I'll be back in July.


    1. Hi Dave. Whew...It's gonna be HOT and MUGGY in July!

  3. Tell us, what are your secrets for removing "paint rubs"? If I know that I'll be re-oiling or touching up the finish in any way, I tend to use a Magic Eraser and gentle pressure or 0000 steel wool. One or the other seems to do the trick for me. (I always check in an inconspicuous spot first.) I've used denatured alcohol for splattered-on paint, but it quickly removes the stain. Any other ideas/methods?

    (Love the blog by the way - made my way over from Mid2Mod and realized I've seen your blog via a google search before.)

    1. Paint marks are the bane of anyone who deals with MCM stuff! Almost all pieces I get in the store have paint on them. I personally use 0000 steel wool and mineral spirits and then, depending on the particular piece would use some Howards Restor-A-Finish in the proper tone to finish off. Mineral spirits will cut through latex if you give it a little time and go easy on the scrubbing!

    2. Hi Chris. Check out my ongoing posts about cleanup process. Here's the first!

  4. Great advice/recipe for paint marks (of which I am plagued) Thanks!
    A MCM post you might think cool...
    http://www.voicesofeastanglia.com/2012/03/after-dark-party-at-hughs-place.html#more (copy and paste link to browser)

  5. P.S. A bunch of us bloggers are turning off the annoying word recognition button. Unless you are having trouble with spammers or dyslexics... HA! I can say that cause my brother is dyslexic.

    1. Hi Kathryn. Love the Playboy After Dark link! Thanks. I know that the "type the word in the box" thing is kind of a hassle (I wish I could hand out Bypass cards to trusted commenters who comment often) but it does mean that those who do comment Really Want to leave a message.

  6. LOVE these chairs. Killer score! You wouldn't find those sitting in a Goodwill around here ;(

    1. Hi Rhan. I was kind of in shock when I found them...I kinda thought they were neat and something special but it wasn't until I was pulling them out of the car that I realized that these WERE INDEED pretty special. Hard to believe how long they languished on the floor at the Goodwill.