Monday, March 5, 2012

Attributions. They Can Be Tricky And Can Raise Expectations. You Gotta Watch Those Pesky Attributions, I Tell Ya. Status: Frederich Weinberg. Is It? Isn't It?


I recently came across an eBay completed listing (where I look for comparables and values...with a grain of salt) with a set of these nesting patio table / trays attributed to Frederich Weinberg.  I haven't been able to find any other patio tables like them with the same attribution though.  So where did this seller get the attribution idea?

Looks like Frederich Weinberg did create many items out of steel like these.  Most of what I've

found are barstools much like the Dorothy Schindele design.  As a matter of fact, I think that the

two get confused often.  These somewhat obscure designers are a little harder to pin down than

say, McCobb (oh wait...that can be tricky too) or Baughman (some of his stuff is iffy too).


Attribution (or not) aside, these are still very cool little patio table / trays.  Perfect for when I run

out of seating at the "dining" table.  Guests can sit in any of my assorted other (amazing) patio

seating and still have a table to eat BBQ at!   Then when not in use they can all be stored in the

space of a single table.  But like most of my patio stuff, I kinda need to get the finish under

control.  I think I need to invest in a sand blaster.


I picked these little beauties up at a yard sale many moons ago.  This was way back when we

used to hit many estate sales all in one day.  If a yard sale happened to pop up in between a

couple of the estate sales we, of course, would have to stop.  This was just a lucky stop.  Sure,

the paint is chippy, but all the glass is intact! I wonder what it would cost to have them sand

blasted?  Anybody ever have some patio furniture sand blasted?  What did it cost?


  1. I'm not familiar enough with Frederick Weinberg to know if those were designed by him or not, but as a general rule, I've quit using eBay as a source for IDs or prices, because I've found too many wildly incorrect attributions and wishful thinking on the part of sellers.

    That said, I hope the tables turn out to be legit...and even if they're not, like you said, they're really functional.

    1. Hi Dana. The attributions on eBay can and will be off sometimes but the completed listings are a really good way to get a good idea of what people will pay for stuff, especially if there are like 10 or more of the same or similar items. Take for instance; a Carter Bros. Scoop chair popped up on the StL. c-list recently for $100. Looking on eBay's completed listings (what things sold for on eBay) the same chairs are getting between $100 and $300. So in my estimation...for the StL. market, $100 is a fair price for that chair...but not a run right out and snatch it up price! That would have to be a $30 chair!

      And yeah, I'm not concerned too much about the attribution on the tables. I just thought it was interesting and might spark some conversation. They are here to be used...and least by me!

  2. These tables look pretty similar to the ones I have. No idea who made them but I love them!

    1. Hi Allie. Yup! Those are the same! Nice. Wish I could make out what's on the bottom of the wood top.

    2. I took a picture with my better camera and messed with it in photoshop and did some searching around on the internet and found out the panels were made by Marlite.

    3. Hi Allie. Ah...Marlite. The wood tops are made from Marlite Paneling. I kinda suspected something like this was the case. The other sets I've seen like these on the net had glass like my set. I think your tops are custom jobs that replaced the original glass. Probably a lot lighter and much more pragmatic!