Monday, March 26, 2012

While There Were No "Big" Estate Sale Scores To Be Had This Weekend Something Did Pop Up On Columbia Mo. Craigslist! Status: Roadtrip!


And what a brilliant day for a roadtrip to mid Missouri!  I even got an early enough start to have time to stop at the Wentzville flea market.  Unfortunately it wasn't an early enough start to get there in time to score all the good stuff.  Vendors were already packing up!  But I arrived in Columbia at exactly my appointed time and picked up this beautiful....oh have to click through to find out!


So after scoring only smalls at the Saturday estate sale (good smalls, but just smalls) I got to

poking around craigslist to see if maybe I missed anything while waiting all morning in line.  The

St. Louis criagslist came up dry so I thought I'd toss a hail Mary and see if anything came up

on the Springfield Il. or Columbia Mo. criagslists since they are each about 120 or so miles

away.  Bingo.


This Drexel Declaration dining set designed by Kipp Stewart and Stewart MacDougall had been

listed Thursday morning but since it was in Columbia Mo. I thought there might be a chance that

it would still be available.  I shot them an e-mail last night pretty late and hoped for the best.


This morning I was pleasantly awakened by a text message stating that the set was indeed

available and that I could come buy it any time!  Sweet.  I set up the arrangements for later that

afternoon thinking I would snooze a while longer before getting my day started.


We had the window open and the weather was that perfect temperature and the sun was

shining and the birds were chirping, just a beautiful day for a little late morning snooze.  Then

I remembered that it was Sunday.  Wentzville Flea Market!  That got me up and going.


I only spent about a half hour at the flea market since the vendors were already starting to pack

up but it was a great day to make the rounds there.  I also managed to make a stop at the

Ozarkland tourist trap shop.  I love...LOVE these places!  There's not much in there that I'd buy

for myself but I love to browse through kitschy stuff and buy some candy and stuff.  Rubber

tomahawk, suction cup bow and arrows, fake 'coon skin caps...what's not to love?  Anyway, the

Drexel Declaration table and chair set is in pretty good "farm fresh" condition as is but I'm going

to give it a good cleanup and freshen up the finish with the Howard's when I get the chance.

There are some issues that I'll detail later.  I just wanted to share my Sunday Score!


  1. Love that Drexel Declaration! I can appreciate Drexel Precedent stuff, but I find the lines of the Declaration and Profile pieces much more interesting. Nice score!

    1. Hi Anony. I was pretty surprised to find that the set was still available when I contacted the seller. Even better luck? The seller had only recently purchased the set themselves off craigslist but it was too large to fit the "nook" they had for a table and chairs.

  2. Drexel Declaration is just about my all-time favorite. Great find!

    1. Hi Pam. Thanks. Trade ya for your Tulip set! But you gotta deliver.

  3. That's really nice, too bad there are only four chairs (of course, with your luck, you will find a couple more sometime soon)

    1. Hi Bopfish. Actually, with my luck I will find more chairs...but only after selling this set!

  4. This Declaration set looks like it's in really good shape. I would have road tripped that as well!

    1. Hi A Mod. The set does have some issues that will need to be dealt with, but I'm starting to get the hang (isn't that a strange turn of phrase?) of this freshening up business. The set was totally roadtrip worthy as it was priced really good!