Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Know...My Posting Schedule Is All Wonky. Sorry...Work. Anywho, Got Some New China. Mitake And Taylor Smith Taylor In The Hizzle. Status: Better Late Than Never.


This lot was acquired over the weekend.  The Jamaica Bay (Taylor Smith Taylor) came from the Goodwill and the Mitake China came from the Girlfriends Mom.  The TST goes on the pile with the rest of my collection (gotta thin that out soon) and the Mitake heads to the GSM booth.


This is a fine looking set.  The tea cups are missing but finding some pink or grey tea cups shouldn't be

hard.  Otherwise there's a full setting for four, plus a couple extra dinner plates.  On the bottom of the

plates there is a stamp that says Mitake, China, a couple Chinese symbols and Japan.  Think the "China"

is the name of the pattern or just a discription of what you're looking at?


Whatever it's called it's got a lovely pattern on it.  Pink and grey look great together.  I'm not a big fan

of shiny china though I do like the silver or platinum rims.  I'll be dropping this set off soon at the Green

Shag Market.  Maybe as soon as tomorrow.


If you've been reading Mr. Modtomic for a while you'll already know that I have a sizable collection of

this Taylor Smith Taylor Jamaica Bay dinnerware
.  This was the second pattern I ever started collecting.

I love that it's as much Tiki looking as Atomic looking.  Atom-iki?


There were a few more pieces available at the Goodwill but they were just a pair of tea cups and saucers.

I've loads of those but the coffee cups and serving bowls are a little less common.  These were all on one

of those carts that they put out and hope the punters will clean off for them before the staff has to place all

the items on the shelves so they weren't there very long.  I wonder what happened to the rest of the set?


  1. love the TST. if you ever want to unload it let me know. I've on;y got two pieces right now picked up randomly at Goodwill, but always interested in making it a real collection.

  2. Wish I could say that I'd gotten the rest of that set, but I got out to the thrifts late last weekend. Great find! As you know, I'm a big fan of the Jamaica Bay as well.