Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Up Until Recently Florissant MO Was Blessed With 3 Wonderful Thrifts But One Has Jumped Ship. No Problem, There's A Couple Of Antique Mall / Shops That I've Been Neglecting. Status: New Glass Vases And A Little Ashtray.


Our Value Village has gone by the wayside!  What's more is that it was so rude about it.  One weekend it was running along smoothly, the was empty.  Poof...just like that, Gone.  Oh well, this gives me a good excuse to visit some of the shops in Old Florissant that I've nearly forgotten about!


This lovely trio of glass vases was found at the Florissant Old Town Marketplace and they were very

reasonable.  Not thrift store reasonable but still...  If you've been reading Mr. Modtomic for a while you

already know that I'll only buy "collectible" art glass if it's pretty cheap.  That should give you an idea of

how reasonably priced these were.  I'm getting to a point in my collecting that I might have to start

thinking about culling some of them.


I've got a pair of clear art deco vases like the dark green one above.  I've had one of those available

ever since I started selling on craigslist.  No takers, but since I really like them I've had it priced not at

what might be considered an approachable price but rather a price that would pry it out of my hands. 

Nothing I have is utterly unavailable.  It just takes the right amount of arm twisting sometimes to get it!


This cute little "personal" ashtray was at a little shop next door to the Florissant Old Town Market-

place called The Blue Rose. I think they are a not for profit thrift and it's a very small shop but they

do get some really nice stuff in there sometimes. It's worth checking in once in a while. I've been lazy

what with having three big thrift stores within a mile of each other, but now I'll be checking in on these

two much more often.


  1. In case you want to know who made your most glass finds, the green one is Anchor Hocking, catalog number #572, color is their trademarked Forest Green.

    The other 2 were made by L.E. Smith, sold under their Fayette Glass label, which they used around the middle of the last century to compete with Viking Epic line.

    1. Hi Anony.

      Thanks for all the useful info! Sooner or later someone will find this posting looking for an ID on something they have like what they see here and even though I don't know a thing about these little swung glass vases, they'll still be able to get what they need. My readers are awesome!

  2. You lost your Value Village? Maybe it's moving to a newer/bigger/better space . . . that's sad. But good that you still have so many other places close by. I'm blessed in South City too, we have a good selection. Cheers - CT

    1. Hi CT.

      I think the V. V. is just gone. They only had a note on the door pointing the sad toward the other locations. I'm bummed but that location was going down hill for a while anyway.

  3. I really like all 3 vases! You always show some might fine things here! Wish I lived closer!!!!

    1. Hi RetroSandie.

      Well, ain't life all about the fine things? This has kind of turned into a diary of finding the fine things.

  4. What?! NOOOOO!! I loved that Value Village! Although they did price a fur collar cashmere cardigan with missing buttons and buckle for 25....but still! Guess I'm driving out to shrewsbury :( Really like the ash tray, gorgeous color!

    1. Hi Brittany.

      Shrewsbury? You don't go to the Value Village on Natural Bridge? It's much closer to you.