Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dropped Off Some More Good Stuff At The Pending Shop In St. Charles This Afternoon. Actually Picked Up The Items IN St. Charles As Well! Status: Nice How That Worked Out!


Last evening a nice vintage modern bedroom set popped up on c-list at a beyond reasonable price. I shot off an e-mail and offered the seller a few extra bucks to hold it for me until this afternoon. They were more than happy to do so and for the extra cash.


The sellers where more or less conducting a craigslist estate sale and clearing out a parents home.  The

money was going for the further care of their parents so when I got an e-mail this morning telling me that

the seller had an even better offer than mine...and then another asking me to disregard the previous

e-mail as they felt like their integrity was worth more than a few extra bucks, I was not at all put out to

then offer the sellers the extra money they would have made by accepting the other offer.  But they

wouldn't hear of it!  I insisted and they took the dough.  But then, I spotted another item that I had to

have and they gave me a real break on it was all a moot point.  I tried!  I'll show ya the other

items soon.  It's pretty cool too.


Anyway, so this pretty cool looking United Furniture Company retro danish style bedroom suite is now

at what will soon be our shop in St. Charles.  The seller was literally 3 or 4 miles away and even though

I had to make 2 trips I was done getting this out of their way in about half an hour.  The set is in good

shape but alas, it is vintage and has some well earned bumps and bruises.  Once I get where I can spend

some time in the shop I'll get to cleaning this up all pretty.  The bed was listed as a queen but I'm betting

that with the footboard and rails installed it's actually a full.  Much like my Brasilia headboard though,

using just the headboard means a queen mattress can be utilized.  Funny, it's just a coincidence but the

finish on this set is very close to the Drexel Profile dining set that I've got here as well.


  1. The legs really make the set!. Nice find!

  2. I just found the same set at my local Salvation Army and got a great deal on the dresser with mirror and a night stand. It's always fun to score a great deal on a solid piece of furniture!

  3. Wow, wish I was closer, this set is exactly the sort of thing I've been after. It's lovely!

  4. I've seen some of the United in some not so desirable lighter finishes although they seemed very well made. I had to pass on a set awhile back due to issues, but they didn't have those great sculptured legs and the darker finish. I would have nabbed this as well! Great luck with the new space!