Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lenoir Chair Company = Broyhill? Who Knew? Picked These Up For A Song. One For A Desk And Three Spares! Status: Farm Fresh / Need Cleanup.


So here's a little info. that all of us who have, buy, sell and or collect vintage modern Broyhill items might need to know.  Lenoir Chair Co. basically IS Broyhill.  These chairs were listed (and top posted a number of times!) as Lenoir chairs.  The pics weren't that great but they looked like Broyhill Sculptra / Brasilia chairs.  The price was right so I decided to investigate.


Well, they weren't lying!  They certainly are Lenoir Chair Company dining chairs.  But for real,

they look for all the world like Broyhill chairs, right?!  I found a little history document on the web

that kinda explains the connection.  I'm guessing that the Lenoir Chair Company either continued

producing some of the discontinued lines like Sculptra and Brasilia or they helped fill orders when

Broyhill got big orders.  Hard to say.


I only picked these up because...well, it seemed like no one else was gonna and I kinda needed

one to pair up with the Brohill Saga desk I've got available in my booth (44) at the Green Shag

Market.  I actually picked up another cool chair that I'm working on to go with it but I'll just clean

up one of these instead.  It'll be much more appropriate, even though it's not from the Saga line.

Even the upholstery, though not at all original, looks pretty cool!


  1. Lenoir chair was a subsidiary of Broyhill and these are definetely Brasilia chairs. Nice find!

    1. Hi A Mod.

      The pic in the ad had me pretty convinced and I needed a chair for the Broyhill Saga desk in the booth so I figured: take a chance and go see 'em. Score!

  2. I actually looked into this a little while ago because someone asked me about the Lenoir Chair Company/Broyhill connection. Here's what I found, which I think is accurate, but it's hard to verify.

    Thomas Broyhill opened Broyhill Furniture in 1905 and in 1919 purchased a majority stake in Lenoir Furniture Corporation. When Broyhill started producing their Premier lines (Brasilia, Sculptra, Saga, etc), those lines were made in the Lenoir Furniture factory. In 1926, Thomas' brother, James, opened the Lenoir Chair Company under the Broyhill Furniture umbrella to specifically focus on upholstery, both of Broyhill pieces and others. Which is probably why your Lenoir Chair tag only talks about the upholstery.

    So you definitely have some Broyhill chairs, they were originally upholstered by the Lenoir Chair Company (a devision of Broyhill) and they were probably made at the same time as the rest of the line, not after it had been discontinued.

    Hope that helps with the mystery.

    1. Hi MfMC.

      Now that you mention it, I DO remember your posting on this subject! I have a link in the text above that mentions James opening the Lenoir Chair Company but I don't think it has any info on what that company actually did. Thanks for the additional info!

  3. All of Broyhill's chairs were made by Lenoir Chair Company! Some of them have different tags, though all were made in the same place. They could either be Brasilia chairs or Sculptra chairs. The only difference is the number on the bottom... and the fabric. It looks like there is a yellow/green fabric underneath the orange. Could be the original Brasilia fabric?

    -Justin midcenturysensibilities.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Justin.

      I did see that little hint of "other" fabric but haven't explored what lies beneath. I'm kinda fond of that orange upholstery. I don't thing there is any yellow / green Brasilia fabric but I didn't know there was a burnt orange Brasilia fabric until recently, so who knows?!

  4. What do you plan to do with the other three chairs?
    I emailed that buyer as well but must have missed them to you...just wondering of the others are for sale?

  5. Any suggestions for sources to identify the set of chairs that came with my Broyhill Emphasis dining table, buffet and china cabinet? They are not a match, but labeled Lenoir, so I was interested to read above info. These are a similar shape, but have a cane insert in the high back.

    Thanks, Denise

    1. Hi Denise.

      Do the chairs look like this? If so they are Brasilia II (2) dining chairs. Kinda rare, those. I've never actually seen them in person...and I've gone through maybe 5 full Brasilia dining sets and have seen probably 40.

  6. Not really, photo link below


  7. Thank you for all the info in this post! I picked up 5 chairs and a dining table of what looked like the Brasilia line for next to nothing, but came across the same Lenoir tag under each piece. The fabric on mine is yellow. The seller said it was all original- his family bought the set and he's had it since. It was in impeccable shape until I spilled mosquito repellent oil on the surface of the table. I'll have to refinish the surface now. I plan on selling the set. It's beautiful- and now authenticated. Thanks!

  8. i have 6 chairs from the Lenoir chair company with rectangular dining room table and hutch to match, any idea what that would be worth or where to look?

  9. I just recently acquired a dining table and 4 chairs. I was told the table is Duncan Phyfe style and is marked with a chalk mark underneath with number 143. The chairs have the tag from Lenoir Chair Company and have two numbers stamped on them 23773 and 5458. Any idea which number may be the style/model number and how I can find out about date of manufacturing? Thanks for any info!