Friday, September 14, 2012

My Latest Attempt At Getting A Project Started And It Was Going So Well...Then I Just Don't Know What Happened. Status: Half (?) Way There.


I picked this up at the Value Village for just a couple of bucks hoping to be able to toss some new covers on it and put it with the Broyhill Saga desk I have avaiable at the Green Shag Market in my booth.  I even got the whole project well under way and then...well, life just does to us doesn't it?  I can't really tell you what exactly got in the way but I know a couple nights of re-arranging the living room and dining room didn't help!


I got it home and it just sat for a few days.  Then I got a wild hair up me bum and tore down

the upholstery and "padding" which was an alarming color of orange and had turned to scary

sort of dust / chalk substance. That gone I turned my enormous brain power to the thought of

a suitable replacement for the dubious padding.  I dropped by a local fabric shop and found

nothing but thick but far to spongy and sparse foam.  Not what I had in mind. I wanted

something thin but supportive.  Something with a bit of give but that wouldn't let you end up

sitting on the metal base.  My first thought was a half inch or so of Neoprene but I couldn't

find any such padding.  Then I thought of Yoga mat material.  Brilliant!  I combed through all

the thrifts looking for one with no luck.  I decided to bite the bullet and head to Walmart.  I

wasn't pleased with the one yoga mat that they had but then thought that they might have

camping mats that might work better. Viola!  Success!  So that 's the blue padding you see

on the seat pan in the photos.  I still need to trim it up proper but it's already glued down

and seriously comfortable.  Perfect.  It'll still get a wrap of batting as well and be even

more cushy.


The engineering in this chair is amazing.  It weighs so little.  The frame is constructed of aluminum

and likely weighs less than the the two steel pans that make up the seat back and bottom!  It

really is surprising how light it is!  If you enlarge the photo of the frame you can just make out a

stamp on the inside of the back of the chair.  It says "Feb 57".  Nice, right?!  I can hardly wait

to get it all back together.  It may end up a keeper.

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  1. Looks like a fun little project! Great idea on the matt. I know I'm constantly having to devise uncommon solutions to the various problems that always crop up when trying to rehab stuff ;)