Saturday, September 8, 2012

Looking For Some Cheap Style? Let's Look Around Denver For Some Undiscovered Treasure, Diamonds In The Rough And Otherwise Under Valued Goodness. Status: Not My Turf

Wait, what's wrong with this picture? OK, so somebody took some liberties with their refinish of this Broyhill Brasilia dining set...but if you're not a purist, it's not so bad. I actually kinda like it! You'd definitely have a one of a kind set! Look inside for the link.


Right, I can live with the peculiar finish...but that upholstery HAS to go! Egads. The good

news is that it's available on the Denver craigslist for only $150! The bad news is that, at

that stupid low might already be gone. It would be if it were here in St. Louis...

'cuz it'd be in the back of Frank!


If this stereo console isn't gone yet my respect for the vintage modern buyer in Denver goes

down a notch. Check out the louvered speaker grills. Oh, and those gorgeous legs...very

much in the Adrian Pearsall style. Even if it doesn't work it's still a bargain at just $30. Please

PLEASE won't somebody go snatch this up and let me know when you do?!


With an asking of $200 this may not be quite the bargain that I'd LIKE to show here, but often do you see a sputnik chandelier at all on craigslist? It's cool, it's reasonably

priced...go get it before it's gone. You'll wait a LONG time to find one at a better price than



Lane Acclaim tables are ubiquitous here in the St. Louis area and I've gotten a little snobbish

about them, but for real...I love them. They are super stylish, represent the late '50s and '60s

well, are well built and super durable. Tough enough to have with kids, me thinks. This ad has

the side table pictured and a long coffee table for the low low price of $125
...for BOTH!


Yes, these Chromcraft style chairs are a little rough but check out this AWESOME video I

found a while back to see how easy it is to recover this type chair
and make beautiful again!

 $40 for Six chairs? Even with a weekends work recovering them it still ads up to a bargain!


Looking for that perfect retro biomorphic coffee table? This might just be the one. Well,

even if it isn't...consider how rarely you see one of these on craigslist or anywhere else! Just

buy it and get it over with! It's a $150 worth of living room fun!


You need an end table. You need storage. You need vintage modern style. Here's a little item

that rolls all three into one! Oh, need a bargain too? How's $20 sound to ya? Find

it here on the Denver craigslist


I haven't done ANY research into these chairs but I have a nagging suspicion that there is

something special about them. I'd go snatch them up either way if I were in the Denver area.

Why? 'Cuz they're only $5 each and they have 4 available! OMG!


This ad is actually for a little round retro coffee table with nice tapper legs. Nothing special

but only $8. Maybe you need a little table like that, but take a closer look at the stuff outside

this shop. See the folding Wegner style rope chair? How about the Heywood Wakefield end

table? Good lord, what else do they have in this shop? I'd go take a look if I was you!  Heck,

I even like the pink Hollywood Regency chairs!  This place looks like a gold mine.


And lastly, here we have an amazing Lane Perception coffee table and end table set. Again,

this may already be gone since the seller only wants $150 for the three matched pieces! Can

I just tell you, there would have been a cartoon puff of smoke and three little lines representing

where I had been when I spotted this set 'cuz I would've SHOT out of here to get those at

that price!


  1. I have that exact stereo console already. I love it. And everything works. I paid more than $30, but not by much. I haven't figured out the year though.

    Awesome buys!

  2. I've been perusing your site for 45 minutes and color me impressed! I've learned a ton already. I'll be a regular visitor from now on. Thanks!