Monday, September 30, 2013

The Competition Is Getting Good Down At The Shag! Yup, There's A New Vendor In The Joint And I'm Pretty Happy About It. Everybody Welcome M For Modern To Booth 27 Green Shag Market. Status: Open For Business.


After I drop anything off in the booth at The Shag I tend to, if I have the time, mosey about the antique mall and check out the other vendors wares.  Saturday I was surprised to find a new vendor in booth 27 with a style right up our alley.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

So, This Teak Deck Chair Was My Only Consolation Prize From Last Thursday Morning's Estate Auction Debacle. Even This Score Was Bittersweet. Status: Still A Score.


Pretty cool chair, right?!  Obviously it's Scandinavian, but there are no marks or labels anywhere on it!  It's finer than any of the Yugoslavian knock off stuff I've come across.  Still, it's a mystery!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Six Random Photos Plucked From Those Taken On My Phone During The Last Couple Weeks. Status: Look For A "Real" Post Later.


After the Estate FAIL (well, to some extent anyway) yesterday I went ahead and stopped at the South County antique mall since it was pretty much Right There. I managed to further salvage the morning by picking up a few more good items there but this Molested Italian Gio Ponti style dining chair just made me sad all over again. Why? At least it was just one and not a whole set.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Got Up At 7:45am (And I Am NOT A Morning Person) To Attend A 10am Midas Touch Estate Auction And Guess What...What I Came For Was Let Go Of Before The Sale. Status: Dissapointed.


The only reason I got out of bed so stupid early (for me) and drove an hour to this Midas Touch Estate Sales auction this morning was because of these Niels Koefoed chairs that Midas Touch Estate Sales had advertised.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Again, We Didn't Bring Much Home From The Wentzville Flea Either, But It Was Still Such A Lovely Day And So Many Fun Things To See. Status: Weekend "Exercise".


Uncle Owen, this R2 has a bad motivator!  Actually, it seems to have been gutted.  Can you Iimagine the slap fight this would bring on if you tried to sell it at one of those sci fi comicon things?

Koben Style Flea Snatchings! I Grabbed Up A Pair Of Yellow Dansk IHQ Lidded Koben Style Pots While At The Belleville Flea Last Saturday To Keep My Recently Found Blue One Company. Status: Well Loved.


I didn't reap too much from the bounty that is the Belleville Antique Flea Market last Saturday, but I do feel lucky to have found this pair of Yellow Dansk cooking pots.  Funny, I have so rarely found any Dansk cookware and then just in the last few days...Poof!  Three!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This One's For All The Vintage Typewriter Enthusiasts...And For Anyone Who Loves The Vintage '50s And The Ephemera There Of. This Optima Elite Might Not Be As Classy As The Smith Corona I Had A While Back But It's Just As Classic! Status: Wanting For A Bath.


I spotted the case waaaaay back in the back of a vendor's space at the Wentzville flea on Sunday.  Lucky me...I got to lug this heavy beaut around for half the day after haggling it out of the vendor.  Ugh.  A lightweight it is not!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh My Goodness. Until You Try Out One Of These Ekornes Stressless Recliners You Just Don't Know! These REALLY Are So Comfortable. The Girlfriend Almost Hijacked This To Be The "Girl Chair"! Status: Going To The Shag.


This has been "set up" less than a half hour in our presence and The Girlfriend has planted her butt in it TWICE.  I've actually only sat in it once, just to check that it's sturdy and in good condition, so I've got to get this into the booth quick!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh My, What A Bee-You-Tee-Full Saturday! We Got Up Early(ish) To Hit The Belleville Flea But First Got Sidetracked Down At The Green Shag Market. Did You Happen To Stop By And Check Out The "De-Flea" Market Going On In The Parking Lot? Status: Perfect Day For It!


We didn't get to spend too much time here at The Green Shag Market or at the De-Flea Market since really I had just stopped by to drop off a chair and a lamp in my booth.  We took a quick look around the Animal Rescue support flea market and then hit the road for Belleville...then Springfield Il.!

Late Night Chrome Globe Lamp Craigslist Snatching! Took A Couple Of Days, But It Was Well Worth The Wait And All The Missed Connections. Status: Cleaned Up And Ready For Addoption!


Happy Saturday!  Hope your weekend is treating you well.  I think I will have to spend a bit of mine down at The Green Shag doing some re-arranging based upon an alleged moving of the Broyhill Brasilia dining set, but I've got some other plans as well.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

South Bend Indiana. I Bet There's Someone Up There Looking For Some Vintage Style On The Cheap! Wanna See What We Can Find? Sure Ya Do. Status: Not My Turf!

Greetings From South Bend, Indiana

Today we're gonna take a little stroll through the South Bend Indiana craigslist and look for some good looking vintage modern bargains.  South Bend is no Chicago but with a little determination I was able to find a couple of interesting items that surely some one in the area might have missed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MCM in the Room - Eames LCW

Hey Modtometrists, CT from Living Analog back again to bring you some more MCM eye candy, this time of the Eames variety.

There is so much information about Charles and Ray Eames out there, it seems silly to even try to rehash it here.  Here's a fun fact that I hope all of you already know: Charles and Ray are not brothers, they are husband and wife.  (Her maiden name was Bernice Alexandra Kaiser.  Ray seems to be a little less of a mouthful.) Charles (who was a Junior BTW) was actually born in STL in 1907 and ran these very streets until 1938 when he hightailed it out of here for Cranbrook and ultimately landed in California.  I really enjoyed the PBS "American Masters" feature - if you haven't seen it, it is posted online here.

Absolute Epic. Is There Any More Apt Description For This Cypress Slab Coffee Table Top? Siamese Cypress? How Rare A Coffee Table Must THIS Be?! Status: Soon To Be Available.


I grabbed this and a few other Cypress tables almost as a lark on Sunday.  I've loved the biomorphic look of Cypress "steaks" like this since I was a young boy in the late '70s.  My father had a friend who made clocks out of smaller versions of these.  This piece would make one hellofa clock!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Broyhill Brasilia II - Revisited! Reader Jon From The Seattle Area Was Kind Enough To Share Photos Of Not Only Their Personal Brasilia Collection (That IS Available!) But Also A Special Gift For All Of Us Brasilia Lovers. Status: FINALLY!!!


Reader Jon B. found Mr. Modtomic while looking for info to price their amazingly complete, second owner dining room suite.  They found an earlier post wherein we discussed the dining table as presented by The Nomads and realized there was a dearth of info on the Brasilia II line.  Because of their generousity, that's about to change!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

There's More To 2nd Street In Frenchtown Old St. Charles Than Fleur De Lis - Home Source. Lots More! The Bayard Street Antique Mall Is But One Example Of Why You Should Come Down And Make A Day Of Olde St. Chuck! Status: Shopping Therapy!


Saturday found Mr. Modtomic and the Girlfriend playing shop keep at Fleur De Lis in old St. Charles (or locally known as Frenchtown).  Since I was already in the neighborhood, I thought I'd take a little walk just down the street to the Bayard Street Antique Mall and shoot some photos for ya.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feminine Aspects of Modern Design

Soft Kitty, Warm kitty, Little Ball of Fur. Happy kitty, Sleepy kitty, Purr, purr, purr.
Hello, It's Hannah again from the blog Secondhand. My last two posts have been about the Feminine aspects of modern design, and I'm going to continue in that direction.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hey guys. It's Nick from Mid-CenturyMidwest again.

I swear, Kate of Retro Rennovation and I didn't secretly conspire to post about the very same topic on the very same day. That's just the way things work out sometimes in the blogging world. Great minds think alike and all, right?

So, if you've read her post, you might already know that Ikea recently re-released the LÖVBACKEN, a veneer-topped side table that first appeared in their 1956 catalog as the LÖVET. You might also know that it was Ikea's first flat-pack piece, a move inspired by after Swedish designer Gillis Lundgren's attempts to fit a pre-assembled table into the back of his vehicle (I'd imagine that it was some small European hatchback), which resulted in the removal of its legs.


Source: Ikea

However, what you didn't see is a non-catalog photo of the actual table, and, as the fast food industry has taught us, sometimes the glamor shot and the real deal are miles apart.

Well, who in this Ikealess wasteland of St. Louis might have a LÖVBACKEN that we can check out?

Since I Had To Drop By The Shag This Afternoon Anyway, I Went Ahead And Pulled Out The Phone And Shot A Bunch Of Pics. Wanna See Some Of The Goodies At The Shag? Status: Loaded.


Iron Man Mk. I?  Probably not...but it is a seriously man cave cool vintage welder's helmet!  And didn't Tony Stark use one like this to construct that Mk. I Iron Man suit?  Could be.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So I Failed To Procure The Teak / Chipboard Scandinavian Roll Top Desk Yesterday (Using The Term "Failed" Rather Loosely) But That Just Set Me Up To Grab THIS Lovely Dining Set Later That Evening! Status: Available.


Had the desk been in better shape (had not it been chipped) I might have gone ahead and purchased it and today you'd be checking That out instead of this.  Those roll top desks are nice and relatively easy to move since they are just a short cabinet with a hidden desk (as apposed to a large office desk) but I think this dining set will likely move just as quickly.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MCM in the Room - Panton S Chair

Hi again, CT from Living Analog back to round up some images for the Modtometrists of the Panton S Chair.  There were so many contenders this week I had a hard time culling the herd.  I had to spend many, many hours looking at beautiful pictures of beautiful interiors.  First world problems.  Now down to business.

I recommend hopping over to Dana's blog Mid2Mod if you want a good bio/background on Verner Panton.  Here's the really short version: He's Danish (therefore awesome at furniture) and he began designing the S chair in 1959 and it finally arrived on the market in 1967.  All I know is it's a sight for sore eyes.

I Got Out This Morning To St. Charles Mo. To Take A Quick Look At A Danish Desk That I Had To Pass On, But That Gave Me An Excuse To Hit The St. Chuck Thrifts! Status: More Smalls!


Meh, it's not an epic Danish Modern Teak roll top desk...but neither was the Danish Modern Teak roll top desk that I was hoping to pick up (epic...that is).  I really should get up and check them traps more often during the week.  You never know when luck is going to smile upon you!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Got A Pair Of New Art Pieces And One Of Them Is Something Of A Mystery. Good News Is That Neither Are Prints And At Least One Will End Up At The Shag. Status: Mystery Building.


Well, we were going to get out to the Wentzville flea this morning but alas, we woke to thunderstorms this morning that lasted all the way until around noon.  So much for the Sunday flea.  Wonder what we missed.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Fleas Have Been A Good Source For The Smalls Lately, Both The Wentzville And The Belleville. What's Up With The 'Villes And The Fleas? Dunno, But I'm Glad They's Around! Status: Getting Tagged.


One more day until the Wentzville flea!  You going?  I'm hoping it'll be a little better attended (by both vendors and buyers) than last weekend.  In the mean time, check out this little lot of smalls that I've put together from both the Wentzville and the Belleville flea markets.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wood-Burst Clock? I'm Down With That! This Was A Craigslist Find From A Couple Of Weeks Ago That Needed Some Attention And I Finally Got Around To That Today! Status: Hung.


This Roxhall "8 Day" key wound clock was another late evening craigslist snatching.  It was down in South County (which is exactly Opposite where I live!) so I was lucky that the seller was amenable to meeting me after work saving me an extra trip to the other side of "town"!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ah Summer Time! Can't Ya Just Imagine Yourself Kicking Back With A Tall Glass Of Ice Tea In One Of These Babies? Bonus, They Stack Together So They Don't Take Up Much Room When Stored! Status: Available!

20130905_123756 copy

I'm Hoping to have these down at The Green Shag by Friday afternoon...just in case someone would like to be enjoying them as soon as this weekend!  I can't promise that they'll be there THAT soon but certainly by Saturday.  We'll see.

MCM in the Room - The Butterfly Chair

Hi Mister Modtomic readers!  It's CT from Living Analog.  I am so excited that the Mister asked me to contribute to his blog.  It's great to join forces with Nick Armadillo and Secondhand Hannah to bring some extra content to the Modtometrists.  Upon writing this, it kind of sounds like those three have super-thrifting-hero names - I may need to rethink my Internet moniker.  At any rate, my goal here at Mister Modtomic is to be the MCM "Calgon, Take Me Away" of your day.  What on earth does that mean?  It means I'll be highlighting MCM furniture in situ after beautiful situ.

For today, I thought I'd start you off with something I've been dreaming of for a while - the Butterfly Chair.  Also called the Hardoy chair or the BKF chair after (one of its) creators, Jorge Ferrari Hardoy.  Why the other two guys didn't make it into MCM history is any one's guess.  MOMA has one of the three original Butterfly chairs and then Knoll added it to its line back in 1947.  However the chair could not be patented because it was found to already be a derivative of another chair.  Thus copies, knock-offs and many similar-but-not-quite Butterflies abound in our world.  And I think I know why - they can fit themselves into just about any style.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So Yeah, The Wentzville Sunday Flea Wasn't Exactly A Bust...But We've Been On Better Days. The St. Charles Antique Mall Turned Out To Be At Least As Good A Bet. Status: Dansk Day!


After finding the candelabra and the blue lidded pot I thought out loud how cool it would be to find THREE Dansk items in one day.  Then I spotted the cheese board with integral knife!  What a great day!

Did I Mention That The Randolph Street Market Had A WHOLE Another Indoor Selling Area? Wanna Check It Out? Click On Through My Friend! Status: Feel That AC!


That's right, if shopping out on the blacktop parking lot gets a little too warm you can always take a few minutes to shop the indoor vendors.  Two and a half floors of climate controlled vintage shopping fun!

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Rocking Goat? Huh, Never Seen One Of These Before...You? Luckily That Cute Face Don't Eat Much! He's Just Hoping For A New Family Soon! Status: Soon To Be Available.


Nope, this little guy didn't come from the Wentzville flea as you might have guessed.  He was found languishing at the Goodwill thrift store!  We hit a couple of thrifts after we go to the fleas, especially if we don't find too many items at the flea.

Sunday, September 1, 2013