Monday, September 2, 2013

A Rocking Goat? Huh, Never Seen One Of These Before...You? Luckily That Cute Face Don't Eat Much! He's Just Hoping For A New Family Soon! Status: Soon To Be Available.


Nope, this little guy didn't come from the Wentzville flea as you might have guessed.  He was found languishing at the Goodwill thrift store!  We hit a couple of thrifts after we go to the fleas, especially if we don't find too many items at the flea.


He's not perfect by any means.  The rattan weaving on the seat is broken in a couple of places but it

looks like it'll be an easy(ish) repair.  The rattan that makes up the seat doesn't wrap around the frame

of the seat like you'd expect and it can all be removed without the rattan that does wrap around the

frame being removed.  This means that the broken rattan Can be removed and replaced!


I guess this could technically be a rocking horse but I think it looks like a little goat.  Have you ever

seen a rattan toy like this before?  I grabbed it up as soon as I saw it.  I looked it up on eBay and it's

not terribly valuable...but I'm sure somebody out there will light up when they find it in the booth at

the green shag.  Heck it might even end up under somebody's Christmas tree this winter!


Know anything about that G with a crown sticker?  I'm wondering where this was made?  That

"inspected" sticker doesn't look Asian and I haven't found any other markings or labels. A number

of these rocking "horses" (I still think it looks more like a billy goat!) were recently featured on

Apartment Therapy
, too.  I guess I got lucky!


  1. Have you replaced cane before? I've been teaching myself to do sheet cane, but that looks like you might need to weave it? It's a great little piece, though!

    1. Hi Caryn.

      I've not done it yet but I did go buy the sheet cane to replace the missing cane in a set of Paul McCobb chairs that I found at the good will a while back. This looks like an easier job to me. Just do all of one direction then weave in the other. I assume I'll have to soak the cane first and then after it drys slather some shellac on it. Truth is...I likely won't do it at all!

    2. Oh, you should! That guy needs some love! ;)

      I found sheet cane surprisingly easy to do. And when you tell people you did it, they are very impressed!

  2. I agree...looks like a goat! Ha! I am a long time reader, first time comment-er! I am the one that you helped to find the long mid century dresser a long while ago (which I found via CL from one of your many leads!!). Thanks for your help by the way. Anyway, can you give me some dets on the Wentzville Flea?? It sounds interesting! Thanks!

    1. Hi Myssie.

      The Wentzville flea happens every Sunday morning during our warm months except certain holidays. For the full scoop just Google Wentzville Flea Market snd I'm sure you'll find out more about thd scheduling. Plan on getting there Very early to find the best stuff and to avoid that mid day heat / humidity. Also, you can plug "wentzville" into the search box on the upper left on this window to find more blog posts about it!

    2. I stopped by a yard sale after work this morning and saw a rocking goat/horse just like you feature, for $20. I am amazed that I have never seen anything like this and now see two in one week. This one appeared to be in perfect condition. Having just worked 14 hours I didn't think of the right questions to ask the owner. I'll try to go back tomorrow and question further. The sale is at 1109 Vineyard Square in Jefferson City, MO. 7:30-1:00 Saturday.

  3. I do not mean to be anonymous with the post above, but I'm not very techno-savvy and couldn't figure out how to publish this any other way.

    1. Hi Penne_Eiken

      I wouldn't worry about it, uf I didn't have a Blogger account I'd probably have the same issue! Did you grab the little rattan goat?