Saturday, September 28, 2013

This May Well Be The Coolest Fireplace I've Ever Seen! You? It's A Scandinavian Morso Model 1125 And You Won't Easily Find Another Like It, But If You're As Smitten As I...You'll Find This One At The Green Shag Market! Status: Available!


This little green thing is HEAVY!  Super Heavy!  All cast iron.  It's been making Frank drag his butt for a couple days now, but it's gonna be in the booth at "The Best Vintage Shop 2013" in St. Louis sometime Saturday afternoon (The Green Shag Market).


From what I've read and what the previous owner told me, these little buggers will heat a Large

square footage.  Of course, those Danes know a thing or two about heating a home, me thinks.  These

are twin chamber wood burners that utilize a second chamber above the main fuel burner to burn the

gas produced by the combustion of wood.  Super efficiency is the name of the game...well, half the

game.  The other half is that fantastic style and Adrian Peasall look.  Those Danes. ::shakes head -

and smiles::


I spotted this on the list after it had been there for a while.  Like always, I made arrangements to buy

it as soon as I possibly could.  This almost always entails a late night pick up after work and this one

was no different.  The seller gave me the address and copious amounts of directions but alas, I don't

do directions and I got the street wrong.  Eventually, after much driving around and an eventual call

back to the seller I found the place.  I expected to just pull up, exchange cash for product and be on

my way...but we got to talking about hot rods, hobbies and eventually how a blog could help him

with his side business of installing hardwood flooring and suddenly it was 12:45am!  This happens

sometimes.  And now it's been weighing down the back end of Frank, but that's about to change.

Stop by The Shag and check it out!


  1. Yo. I dig the fireplace. That thing is sweet. If you're headin down to the Shag tomorrow, lets grab some lunch or somethin. You're probably wondering why I'm writing this here, but a certain forgetful person left his cell phone at work for the weekend. Ugh. Just sent me an email or whatev's.

  2. Wow. That is a super sweet score. I want one.

  3. LOVE this! I've never seen anything like it!

  4. I have one of these. Do you think the inner grate should be used in wood stove mode? Or should the wood be right on the bottom?

  5. You need the cast iron grating to allow air to get under the wood.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for this blog. I got looking around at Morsoe wood stoves about a year ago and the size was right, the prices out of my range. I managed to find one, NEW, bought 40 years ago and never installed, never fired up, with 8 feet of SS insulated pipe, extensions, SCREEN, ash pan, even a cast iron tea kettle, for $600 - about 8 miles from my house. Will disassemble, box, and haul down to my TN farm for reassembly to heat my 30x50 garage. I think it’ll do the job. Thans again.