Monday, September 16, 2013

Broyhill Brasilia II - Revisited! Reader Jon From The Seattle Area Was Kind Enough To Share Photos Of Not Only Their Personal Brasilia Collection (That IS Available!) But Also A Special Gift For All Of Us Brasilia Lovers. Status: FINALLY!!!


Reader Jon B. found Mr. Modtomic while looking for info to price their amazingly complete, second owner dining room suite.  They found an earlier post wherein we discussed the dining table as presented by The Nomads and realized there was a dearth of info on the Brasilia II line.  Because of their generousity, that's about to change!


Jon was kind enough to shoot some really nice photos of their personal Broyhill Brasilia II dining

suite.  Wow!  Look at all that booze in the "china" cabinet!  Too bad Jon's in the North West 'cuz

otherwise I'd say let's all meet over there and have a party!


So this is what many of the Brasilia II dining pieces look like in real life.  Yes, there are many

similarities to the original Brasilia line like the base to that china cabinet and the chairs are similar

but note that there are stretchers between the front and rear legs (the original chairs don't have 'em)

and the different china top to that china cabinet.  These are some of the more subtle changes, the

dining table itself and the plinth base server are more obvious.

01 Brasilia II
02 Brasilia II

And SHAZAM!!!  The much searched for Broyhill Brasilia II brochure!  I'm not sure that this is

comprehensive in that there are still some oddball pieces out there that I've never seen in any catalog

or anywhere but the craigslist ad or random photo where I originally found them.  Then there are the
pieces on this brochure that I've yet to see in person or on line yet, like the Cane Headboards or the

glass top dining or end tables...those are so choice!  Anyway, enjoy the new info, buy Jon's dining set

and if you'd like a copy of the PDF of the brochure shoot me a note.


  1. Awesome Mr. Modtomic! As a Broyhill Brasilia fan myself, I'm loving this post! Great to have so many real life examples and the brochure too! I'd love a pdf to look over more closely...

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    Side note: My broyhill brasilia hutch is also full of booze! Must be a thing... ;)

    1. Hi Kate.

      I'll get that PDF off to you ASAP. If I didn't have four billion dishes that I want to show off all at once, and a dry bar in the living room, I too would likely have my bar stock in my china cabinet!

  2. Very timely post as I am supposed to get several pieces of Brasilia next week. One piece I couldn't find any info on turns out to be the Break Front China Base, but the one I am looking at has a Landscape mirror mounted to it like a dresser.

    Thanks for the info!

  3. Oh, you know i want that PDF. Hit me with that Brasilia goodness!

  4. Cane headboard is for sale on denver Craigslist

  5. Please send me a copy of the PDF!
    thank you!

  6. Would it be possible to get a PDF of this brochure also. Much appreciated.

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  8. Anything positive or negative you can tell me before i purchase a Brasilia 2 flip top server?

    1. Hi Anony.

      I like mine! It's a good solid piece with big doors so it really shows off it's "Brasilia-ness" but it being a Brasilia II piece...that might hurt it's value down the line. Then again, maybe not. It won't have the cache of a standard Brasilia server though...with those bird decorated tiles.

    2. Thanks so much. Price seems good at under 200 do you agree? In great Condition too. Would it look odd to use as a tv stand for a 60" flat screen?

  9. I recently ran into a pedestal table and six cane back chairs from the Brasilia II line. That brochure helped me ID the chairs. Id never seen them before.

    We already have the original Broyhill pedestal table so they are looking for a new home on Craigslist.

  10. I have a full size 2-piece display cabinet (NOT a china cabinet top), just 18" wide that is likely from the Brasilia II line because it is flush with the floor and has the "corrugated" doors. Have not seen this piece listed anywhere. It's in very good condition. Think any hardcore collectors would really like this piece?

  11. Would your offer of sending a PDF copy of the Brasilia II brochure still be valid? if so please let me know!