Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Koben Style Flea Snatchings! I Grabbed Up A Pair Of Yellow Dansk IHQ Lidded Koben Style Pots While At The Belleville Flea Last Saturday To Keep My Recently Found Blue One Company. Status: Well Loved.


I didn't reap too much from the bounty that is the Belleville Antique Flea Market last Saturday, but I do feel lucky to have found this pair of Yellow Dansk cooking pots.  Funny, I have so rarely found any Dansk cookware and then just in the last few days...Poof!  Three!


Yup, these guys have been around the block.  Lots of chow has been prepared in these.  Lots of

history.  Lots of meals.  I'll clean 'em up before taking the lot down to the booth but they've got

character that can't be taken off.  That's what makes 'em special.


The small pot still has it's stamp on the bottom but the larger one has been worn away.  According

to Jonathan Goldstien this pair should date somewhere between 1955 and 1959.  I guess it's not

surprising how much wear they have.  The blue pot is much newer, being made in France, but is in

much nicer shape.  They all look pretty good together and I'll get them down to the booth as soon

as I can, but there's just so much to get done.  Sometimes being Mr. Modtomic can be a tough row

to hoe!


  1. I appreciate your correct usage of "row to how." So many people get it wrong. :)

  2. And I just got it wrong..."row to hoe"