Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Fleas Have Been A Good Source For The Smalls Lately, Both The Wentzville And The Belleville. What's Up With The 'Villes And The Fleas? Dunno, But I'm Glad They's Around! Status: Getting Tagged.


One more day until the Wentzville flea!  You going?  I'm hoping it'll be a little better attended (by both vendors and buyers) than last weekend.  In the mean time, check out this little lot of smalls that I've put together from both the Wentzville and the Belleville flea markets.


Oh how I wish the Belleville flea was more than once a month.  These swirly blue glasses were

picked up there during last months flea.  The cool thing is, the Sis-tomic brought home a group of

Six snack sets in this "pattern" from her last roadtrip!  Those are, and consequently these will be,

available at the shop in St. Charles: Fleur De Lis - Home Source.


This little set of Vernon Ware "Tickled Pink" are the perfect thing to drop in an antique mall booth. 

These will likely be picked up by a buyer who is working on a set or someone who is just discovering

retro dinnerware and will soon be scouring other booths for more!  I DO dig the pattern (It's

Awesome!!!), but I'm NOT starting another collection!


This dish (is it an ashtray?) was made by the Sisters Of O'fallon Mo.!  You think the fish theme

was like, on purpose?  You know...'cuz of Jesus...and the fish.  Anyway, it's a beautiful mid century

modern style representation and in pretty nice shape, especially for a flea find!  When I finally get

some more shelving in my booth (much needed, BTW) I've got a ton of smalls like this that I need

to get down there.  Right now...I'd probably have to set it on the floor!



  1. This is kind of random...I am a friend of Dana's at Mid2Mod....anyway I have 16 of the Trends Syracuse cups that you posted about on July 26...Paid 35 bucks for them plus shipping...would be happy to arrange a trade for something in your shop. I love them but need more "coffee in my cup" than those cups hold. They are in pristine condition...bought them on ebay after your post, but decided I did not need them. If your game let me know.

    1. Hi Terry.

      Yeah, those are teacups! I'll shoot you a note.