Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Did I Mention That The Randolph Street Market Had A WHOLE Another Indoor Selling Area? Wanna Check It Out? Click On Through My Friend! Status: Feel That AC!


That's right, if shopping out on the blacktop parking lot gets a little too warm you can always take a few minutes to shop the indoor vendors.  Two and a half floors of climate controlled vintage shopping fun!


Does that not look like a good time or what?  There's another level below this and a lobby and a

balcony (where these were shot from) all waiting for you to explore!  This is almost all smalls,

clothing and jewelry but there were a few cool pieces of furniture floating around too. 


Having an indoor area to cool off in that has so much MORE good stuff to peruse is a definite

plus for any street market.  I wish I would have shot some of the food vendor trucks too.  We had

AMAZING crepes but there were all sorts of goodies to be had.


Now...I've GOT to be sick of this joint by now.  I promise, this is it!  No more Randolf

Street Market posts...for a while.  We will be going back but I doubt that I'll be spending so much

time shooting pics and maybe instead try to find a bargain or two.  I'd really like to set up here some

day but I need to do my homework first.  I gotta be relatively sure that I'm not gonna go home with

the same stuff I came with less my space rent!


So the plan would be to get there early and kinda check out the scene.  Maybe see what kinda price

point the goods are set at and then see what leaves the scene.  I failed to do much of this on our first

visit as I was just so WOWED by the market itself!  Plus, just like I can't really Shop when I have

the camera out...apparently I can't do much else either.  So maybe next time I'll have my head in the

game and come home with a better idea of what, if anything, to bring myself.



  1. Wow, this place looks totally awesome and definitely overwhelming! I'm the same way RE: camera and shopping, I can do one or the other but if I try to do both neither comes out well. I'll have to put this place on our map of places to check out. Thanks for the inspiration Mr. ModT!

    1. Hi M. Betty.

      I finally had to sit down and plug in all the different dates and flea markets into the calendar on my phone so I could stop missing all of them! Or at least lament not being able to go in a timely manner!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Pam.

      Sleep? Oh yes...I LOVE my sleep! I'm a nine hour a day kinda guy too. It's just that I work second shift and while sometimes I blog from my phone at work, mostly I do so after I get home.