Friday, September 6, 2013

Wood-Burst Clock? I'm Down With That! This Was A Craigslist Find From A Couple Of Weeks Ago That Needed Some Attention And I Finally Got Around To That Today! Status: Hung.


This Roxhall "8 Day" key wound clock was another late evening craigslist snatching.  It was down in South County (which is exactly Opposite where I live!) so I was lucky that the seller was amenable to meeting me after work saving me an extra trip to the other side of "town"!


The only issue was that (I could see, even in the sellers pictures) there were a few bits missing.  I

believe there should be Six more "spikes".  No problem, so long as there were at least Six!  Pretty

sure there are supposed to be a dozen of the "lolly pops" too.  I could see in the craigslist pic that

some were missing but the seller told me he has all them.  Sadly this was not the case.


Turned out that there was One missing.  I still liked the clock and I figured I'd just adjust the rest of

the clock for the missing bit.  So I had to remove a couple more of them to even everything out.  Sad

but true.  I think it turned out pretty good.  The left over spike holders look like decorative pieces,

yes?  The different number of "lollies" and spikes makes it pretty interesting to look at too.


I was planning on dropping this in the booth but since I had to do so much modification I decided to

just keep it.  It fit right in with the rest of my starburst clock collection!  It was almost as if the wall

was waiting for this one to arrive!  And what's up with the wood grain vinyl covered spikes anyway? 

I guess the George Nelson clocks had quite the effect on the market!

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