Sunday, September 29, 2013

So, This Teak Deck Chair Was My Only Consolation Prize From Last Thursday Morning's Estate Auction Debacle. Even This Score Was Bittersweet. Status: Still A Score.


Pretty cool chair, right?!  Obviously it's Scandinavian, but there are no marks or labels anywhere on it!  It's finer than any of the Yugoslavian knock off stuff I've come across.  Still, it's a mystery!

So yeah, I got to the sale Thursday morning plenty early for the preview, registered for my bid

number and started looking around for those Niels Koefoed chairs that I showed you a couple of

days ago.  When I couldn't find them I knew the day was going to go down hill quick.  I checked

twice (it was early...I might have missed them) just to be sure they were not in the house and then

asked the Midas Touch Estate Sales people about them.  They said they were in the basement.  I

informed them that they weren't.  They said, maybe the garage?  Nope again, then they said that

the family must have taken them. 


We found one of the family members who was at the sale and asked him where the chairs might be

located.  He said his brother had taken them five days earlier and had informed the staff of Midas

Touch Estate Sales.  By my logic that means that Midas Touch Estate Sales had five days to remove

the photos of the chairs from the ad they had placed on  That they didn't means they

messed much as they'd like to palm the culpability off on the family (which did, in my humble

opinion, cheat Midas Touch Estate Sales sale company out of the commission they would have

gleaned from the sale of the chair set).   


Even after the bitter disappointment of being denied the option to buy the chairs I decided to stick

around for a set of walnut nesting side tables but when those hit $35 I bowed out which left me little

hope for getting the teak deck chair.  The deck chair was in the far end of the basement which

relegated it to the end of the auction.  I was patient and spent the time playing on my phone trying

to ID the thing...with no luck.


Finally after about an hour and fourty five minutes they got to the chair.  The bidding started so low

($2.50) that it threw me from my game.  After a few back and forth dollar raises I was done messing

about and tossed out a real bid to get this game started.  And that's where it ended.  Really?  I thought

for sure the buyer of the nesting tables was going to go to the mat with me over this chair!  Nope.  It

was over and done with in seconds and I walked out of the basement a little less pissed!  But still

pissed.  Getting this so cheap means I might have gotten those Niels Koefoed chairs stupid cheap

too!  Grrrr...


  1. I glad to see I'm not the only one who gets disappointed, pissed and just plain furious at some estate sales. I go through phases where I wont even look at the weekly pics and prefer to thrift hop.

    1. Hi letthemwin.

      I can't hardly stop myself from looking...going is a different story. Back in the day the Girlfriend and I used to just line up a bunch of sales and start about 8am and go until about 1pm, finding all kinds of good stuff. I just got too serious about it and it's not as fun as it used to be. Now I'm trying to get back to the old way and just find what I can find.

  2. I have some teak chairs and I love them. Teak is the best when it comes to outdoor furniture and that deck chair looks like it could be VERY relaxing!