Thursday, September 12, 2013

Since I Had To Drop By The Shag This Afternoon Anyway, I Went Ahead And Pulled Out The Phone And Shot A Bunch Of Pics. Wanna See Some Of The Goodies At The Shag? Status: Loaded.


Iron Man Mk. I?  Probably not...but it is a seriously man cave cool vintage welder's helmet!  And didn't Tony Stark use one like this to construct that Mk. I Iron Man suit?  Could be.


Yes, it was September 11th.  Do you remember where you were?  I totally remember that surreal

morning.  I had NPR (National Public Radio) on and woke around 10am hearing some weird news

about a tower in New York on fire.  After dozing for about 30 more minutes I woke again to more

of the same news and actually Listened to what was happening.  Then I turned on the Television. 

What a horrifying day.  I remember later driving into work and taking note of the airline free blue

sky.  Not something I think any of us will ever see again.


Just like that day back in 2001, today was an otherwise beautiful day.  A good day to spend browsing

around The Green Shag, if you have the time.  There were plenty of shoppers in the antique mall so

some of you do!  But if not, let this be a nice little preview of what you might find if you can drop by

over the weekend.


I'm somewhat smitten with that little foot stool but I just don't have a legitimate use for it myself. 

Part of the reason I Have a booth space here is because of all the cool stuff I find that I don't have a

legitimate use for, I can't be bringin' it home from here too (though sometimes I can't help myself)!


Actually, I tried to do all of this yesterday.  Funny story that.  See, I wanted to get in here and pay

my rent 'cuz it was the tenth.  That's the day the antique mall hands out the checks to the vendors.  I

always feel guilty waiting so long to get my rent paid so I wanted to get it done, yesterday.  So I left

to drop by The Shag before work and gave myself what I thought was plenty of time.  Then I got

stuck in some dumbass traffic caused by a dumbass RV driver and a dumbass Car driver and a

bunch of dumbasses who had to stop on the highway and take a gooooood loooooong loooook.


That sucked up all my "extra" time I had allotted for a stop at the antique mall so I had to skip it and

just drive on into work.  So when I got to work I dialed up Karen the owner to tell her my little tale of

woe and you know what she tells me?  "Hun', we aren't open's Tuesday."  Doh.  All that time

and stress.  Grrrrr.


So I had to try again today and as luck would have it, no stupid ass traffic snarls.  I got in dropped my

rent, shot some pics for youz guyz, collected my check and got out in like 20 minutes.  I still had to

get to the bank and get to work.  Long morning.  But I got my business handled!  I even dropped off

that little rattan Rocking Goat in my booth.



  1. Thanks for the sneak peek into the Shag...I want the "Reading is Fun" poster!! It would look awesome in our playroom.

  2. Thanks for the sneak peek into the Shag...I want the "Reading is Fun" poster!! It would look awesome in our playroom.

    1. Hi Myssie.

      Dang! You must want it pretty bad to tell us TWICE! I kinda think I shoulda got it for the Girlfriend, who us an avid reader AND a teacher.

    2. LOL, not sure why or how I posted that twice, oops!! ;)

    3. Hi Myssie

      No problem...but uh...I did go back to The Shag today to put in some new shelves and I could resist no more. I bought that print. Sorry!