Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Again, We Didn't Bring Much Home From The Wentzville Flea Either, But It Was Still Such A Lovely Day And So Many Fun Things To See. Status: Weekend "Exercise".


Uncle Owen, this R2 has a bad motivator!  Actually, it seems to have been gutted.  Can you Iimagine the slap fight this would bring on if you tried to sell it at one of those sci fi comicon things?


Besides the R2 unit cooler / trash can (which I'm kinda kicking myself for not buying!) there

was plenty else to gawk at, including the people.  This pair of scooters caught my eye. I think

the big red one is a Cushman but I could be totally wrong.  That seat on the little yellow and

brown one is definitely a Herman Miller / Eames shell.  It would have almost been worth

buying just for the shell!


This is just more of the strange and wonderful items you might still find at next Sunday's

Wentzville flea.  We arrived last Sunday plenty late so we whipped through pretty quick just

skimming many of the booths. No telling what we missed earlier in the day or by not

digging in deep to more of the vendors wares.  Oh well, let's just say we were leaving some

for everybody else!  Too bad it's supposed to rain this coming Sunday.


  1. Man, you should have gone for that Eames shell scooter. Clean it up, slap a Mr. Modtomic decal on it, and you've got one mean thrift browsing machine.

    1. Hmmm...maybe for the big fleas like Canton (no...really, it's That Big) but othewise Mr. M. just ain't there yet!