Sunday, September 15, 2013

There's More To 2nd Street In Frenchtown Old St. Charles Than Fleur De Lis - Home Source. Lots More! The Bayard Street Antique Mall Is But One Example Of Why You Should Come Down And Make A Day Of Olde St. Chuck! Status: Shopping Therapy!


Saturday found Mr. Modtomic and the Girlfriend playing shop keep at Fleur De Lis in old St. Charles (or locally known as Frenchtown).  Since I was already in the neighborhood, I thought I'd take a little walk just down the street to the Bayard Street Antique Mall and shoot some photos for ya.

The Bayard Street Antique Mall is a smallish storefront size antique market that is in perfect keeping

with the Frenchtown area.  It's mostly vintage and antiquey items but as with most antique malls,

those of us who are looking for something more vintage modern or retro will be able to dig down

and find a little somethin' somethin'.


There are a couple of small antique markets like this up and down 2nd street so if it's a nice day it's

a fun little stroll to take and maybe find some goodies to take home with ya.  There's even a small

bodega style grocery shop just across the street from Fleur De Lis where we often go for a 6er of

craft beer.


Even that little grocery / wine and cheese shop has a small nook of antiques and vintage items

available for purchase. If you're hunting for small treasures you'll not go wanting in Frenchtown!

And if by some chance you come up empty handed, there's Olde St. Charles proper just down the

street where you can continue your search and maybe get a bite to eat.


Over the next few weeks I'll try to feature a couple of the other businesses along 2nd street.  Like

I said, there is at least one more antique mall down the street a bit and I thing a few more antique

shops.  There are a few other interesting businesses along through here as well.  On a pleasant

sunny Saturday, it's a lovely place to explore that hasn't quite been discovered yet!



  1. Where is the Fleur de Lis? I live in 3rd Street and have driven and walked around Frenchtown several times but haven't been able to find it!

    1. Hi Brittany VVV.

      The shop is at 1105 N. 2nd. Click on the picture of the storefront in the upoer right of this page for a map. Say Hi to Mom-tomic when you stop by!

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  3. I haven't been to Fleur de Lis or Bayard Street Antiques. I never really get to downtown St Charles but I did venture to the monthly opening of Secondhand Chic a few weekends back! I am going to have to make my way towards the river one weekend for some retail therapy. ;-)

    1. Hi Myssie.

      Bring some walkin' shoes cuz while the lil grocery across the street and Bayard are pretty close, not everything is clumped together. It's great when the weather is nice and a good walk needs to be taken!