Saturday, September 21, 2013

Late Night Chrome Globe Lamp Craigslist Snatching! Took A Couple Of Days, But It Was Well Worth The Wait And All The Missed Connections. Status: Cleaned Up And Ready For Addoption!


Happy Saturday!  Hope your weekend is treating you well.  I think I will have to spend a bit of mine down at The Green Shag doing some re-arranging based upon an alleged moving of the Broyhill Brasilia dining set, but I've got some other plans as well.

I'll probably drop off this sweet floor lamp at The Shag but I'm hoping to pick up a great Ekornes

Stressless lounge and ottoman from out of town.  On the trip we'll probably stop at a couple antique

malls as well.  There's just so many option for Saturday since it's the Belleville Flea weekend AND

there's a couple of great estate sales too.  But the priority is getting the lounger, getting this to the

shag and plugging the gaping hole that I'm hoping is there.


But anyway, back to the lamp.  Upon spotting the sexy piece of lighting on the list I immediately

called the listed number which was promptly answered by voice mail.  I hung up because I feel like

people so rarely actually check their voice mail...but then I decided to call back and go ahead and

leave a message.  I had called within 20 minutes of the ad having been placed and didn't receive a

call back so I was pretty sure I had gotten snacked or whatever.  Then I got a call from the seller the

next morning...way WAY to early for me to actually answer it! 


So I finally got around to calling back around 8 that evening and talked to the voice mail again. 

::Sigh::  Surely I wasn't going to get this lamp.  But then this evening I finally talked to a real

person and got an address!  Best part?  The address was right next door to my boyhood home in

Maplewood!  So not only did I get a great lamp but I got to meet some great people and have this

whole conversation about how I was their neighbor some 40 years before they lived there!

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