Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year. Welcome To 2013! Remember That Drexel Dining Set I Showed Ya A Week Back? One Chair Needing Repair? Status: Blind Luck.


A couple days ago I found a slightly rough Drexel Profile dining table and Six chairs.  Because one of the Two armchairs has a single broken and missing dowel in the seat back I wrote that I hoped to find another chair that would kindly donate one.  Guess what!


Yup.  Just like I predicted, seems like I see single Profile chairs around from time to time and sure enough,

within a week one popped up.  And I almost couldn't hope for a better donor.  Oh, sure...it'd be nice if it

had a broken leg or was some how similarly ganked up but it has been poorly "refinished" and it does have

some minor structural issues.  At least it was cheap.  Cheap enough to use for parts!  Oddly enough, this

was the other item that I found at Treasure Aisle antique mall Sunday.


Oh, and some seriously bad upholstery!  Actually, the upholstery is in great condition...it's just kinda ugly.

But somebody loved it.  Loved it so much that they covered it in clear vinyl (like Grandma might have done

to her sofa).  Too bad it wasn't something worth covering.  Actually, it doesn't matter.  It's probably never

going to see the light of day again since, well...it's just one seat cover.


Second stroke of luck; the joints between the right seat back upright and the cross members are already

coming apart! I'll hardly have to work to get one of those dowels out. Just a little "tap tap" with a hammer

and that should do it. Once I get one out I'll just have to try and get that awful re-stain off and figure out

how to fit it to the armchair that needs it. We'll see how that goes a another time. Happy New Year!


  1. HI Mr. Modtonic, love your blog. I am actually selling my Drexel Medalist table, hutch and 6 chairs and the chairs are just like the Drexel Profile line you have above. someone wants only the chairs for $300. does that seem reasonable? I am selling because I scored a Broyhill Saga set from the original owner for $265 (table with one leaf, big hutch, buffet and 6 chairs). would love a Saga room divider someday like you, but alas, hasn't come up in Pittsburgh. thanks

    1. Hi Anony.

      It's really difficult to put a value on anything, even when it's right in front of me. I really can't help you much because I don't know the condition of your set or what your market will bear. I will say this, it might be difficult selling the rest of your set without the chairs so you may want to ask a higher price for that reason. My go to guide for real world second hand value is eBay Completed Listings. Being able to see what items SOLD for on eBay is the sole reason I have an account.

    2. thanks for the advice-can't really bring myself to the ebay level yet. I think i am more sad at the thought of splitting up a set that has been together so long, but since furniture is inanimate, I guess i shouldn't worry about it! Since I only paid $225 for the whole set to begin with, getting $300 for the chairs isn't bad at all and donating or giving away the table or hutch won't bother me that much. It is a pretty pecan color, but just didn't work with the knotty pine in my dining room. the Saga walnut just gleams! My only c-list offers were for the chairs anway, which are in very good vintage condition, need to be reupolstered since the fabric is a dull beige and the cushioning has lost its lift! enjoy seeing your scores! I am enjoying the estate and thrift scene here in Pittsburgh. Lots of 50's 60's housing plans and many first owners are now moving out and the kids are selling off the great stuff!