Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Dropped By The Green Shag Today To Do Some Re-Arranging After A Few Items Sold Today. Found Some Neat New Items Available From Other Vendors. Status: Come And Get It!


Isn't this a most attractive lounge chair?  I just about want it for myself!  It's just so sleek and lovely.  I didn't look underneath for a maker stamp.  You find lots of danish style lounge chairs but very few with this level of style.  If you think you might like to pick it up you better act quick.  I doubt it'll be in the shop long!


Much like this credenza.  It hasn't been in here long and is already sold.  I know...sorry to tease you

like this.  It is a beautiful piece.  It's going to be a great place to put the new owners TV and all their

DVDs and such.


There's lots of other new items floating around the mall.  I wasn't there very long so I'm sure I missed

some stuff.  They're open all day tomorrow (, that is) so you can take a peek for

yourself if ya got a minute.  I'll actually be down there some time putting up some decoration in my

booth (number 5) if you'd like to say hi!


They also just got in this super size black vinyl sofa.  It's so mid-century marvelous it hurts!  They've got

it all set up in a vignette next to the cashier that looks so good I wanna just plop myself down with a

laptop and a big cup of joe. 


  1. That green lounger is pretty swell! I had one similar with solid sides with cut outs and just about the same shape. Super comfortable!

  2. Great stuff! I especially like the looks of that black vinyl sofa! It does, however, remind me of the vinyl sofa my family had when I was a kid. How your legs would stick to it in the'd forget you were "glued" to it and try to jump up real fast and it felt like half the skin on your legs was ripped off! Ahhh, good times :-)