Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When I Picked Up My First Couple Pieces Of Libbey Silver Foliage Last December I Had No Idea That I'd Become So Enamored Of It As I Have. Status: Even More!


I picked up a couple more pieces of the Libbey Silver Folia yesterday.  Not a big score, just four glasses, but they are tumblers and I've been hoping to find some of them.  I found some at an antique mall during one of my recent trips to Chicago but I just couldn't pull the trigger on those.  Glad I waited!


I'm hoping to find more of these Silver Foliage tumblers by Libbey soon.  A nice set of four is OK

but I'm kinda greedy and want more!  Eight would be ideal, but this is the first I've found at the thrifts. 


So this is my personal collection so far.  I've got another eight of the goblets available at my antique

mall booth (#5) at The Green Shag Market in case you're interested in starting your own collection! 

It's easier than stalking through all the thrift stores and coming up empty handed.  Believe me!


  1. I hate these glasses. They are ubiquitous here in thrifts in the DC area and I always look and them and think, "Golly those are ugly." Not that what I think matters one bit.

    Of course, I was watching "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" last night and in the pre-dinner cocktail hour scene, guess what cocktail glasses they're all holding: Libbey Silver Folia.

    So clearly lots of (probably most) people disagree with me. Shrug. I'm willing to be different :-)

  2. Hmmm maybe we could work out a deal? North Texas is riddled with the sliver foliage pattern, and I collect the gold foliage- which we've mostly found in Kansas/Missouri on our trips. I have the 8 high balls, 8 tumblers, 8 smaller tumbler, and 8 scotch glasses, 5 wine glasses, 2 shot glasses, and 1 decanter all in gold (We collect it because its the kind they use on MADMEN) I'll keep an eye out for some silver pieces. There was a pretty cheap set of 8 High balls at a thrift store not to long ago.

  3. I love these glasses but only ever see one or two at a time at the thrifts. If I'd just started buying when I saw them I'd have a very nice collection by now. I rarely see them in gold.

  4. There is actually a set of 8 goblets and the two smaller glasses--I guess a cream and sugar at a thrift shop in Warrenton called Agape. They were ridiculously cheap. They were sitting on a tray, I'm not sure if it went with them, though. Just thought I'd let you know if you wanted to make the trip.