Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It Don't Get No Fresher Than This! I Spotted This Pair Of Giancarlo Piretti "Alki" Chairs Just After Getting Home From Work And Looky Looky, Somehow They've Make Their Way Here! Status: Headed To Da Shop?


This loverly pair of Castelli "Alki" chairs designed by Giancarlo Piretti were offered up on craigslist this evening just after I left from work. I got home, kissed the Girlfriend, played with the cat and turned on the PC just in time to find these near the top of the list. There was a number so I texted the seller, hoping they might still be up and that the number connected to a cell phone. Bingo!


After a few teeth nashing moments the seller replied. I had asked if the asking price was for both and

they said that indeed it was. I asked if I could pick them up right then. They asked what I was doing in

the morning. "Sleeping". I told them that I work a second shift job and don't really Do mornings. After a

few back and forths the seller haggled me up on the price for their inconvenience and shot me an address.

I shot out the door and arrived about 30 minutes later.


The chairs are in remarkably good condition considering the seller told me the family had used them his

entire life and he remembers sitting in them as a child. The probably weren't handled with kit gloves. He

told me that they had been brought home from a family members office and had been purchased new in

1975. It's hard to believe there aren't any stains or wear to remark upon. Plus bonus, the covers seem

to be easy to remove and clean. There are a couple of screws to remove, freeing the "feet", and a zipper

releases the cover.


I wish I had one of those HUGE places where I could showcase all these amazing vintage modern

designs but alas, I can only keep so much. I'm going to offer these up one way or another before I

become attached to them. If they were a bright red or yellow I'd have an even harder time sending

them on their way but these are just so neutral. I'm sure that their color will actually help me move

them on but we've got neutral walls, ceiling and carpet. I don't care for neutral furnishings as well!

Still, that sculpted ergonomic design calls me.


  1. Beautiful chairs!! They look so soft and comfy ...and inviting. How about adding some colorful toss pillows?

  2. Those are pretty cool. I'm always amazed that STL has so much to offer. . . .

  3. That's a great find.

    There's an $85 Heywood Wakefield (the lister doesn't know this, apparently) credenza on the Richmond Craigslist for $85. I so wish I lived in Richmond! I needed to share this with someone who might care :) !