Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Great Stuff And Whatnot Down At The Shag This Weekend. C'mon Down And See For Yourself! Status: Lookin' Good!


Yep, I'm late posting again.  T'was the Mr.'s birthday last evening and, while we didn't stay out too late, I did kinda tie one on...and I did get up at "stupid o'clock" in the morning to hit an estate sale.  I was just too wiped out when we stumbled in to get this done last night.

I was hoping to score a nice dresser and chest of drawers Saturday morning at an estate sale and after

having gotten there super early and securing my place in line I found the dresser and chest of drawers to

be far too pricey for my intentions.  Estate Fail.  There was a decent Lane dining set at a more reasonable

price but I just didn't need another dining set.  So I took the opportunity to take a little look around The

Green Shag, since I was nearby.


Look at all these amazing new items that have just recently showed up.  You've got a nice American Of

Martinsville table with drawer in ebony, a fetching Mersman end table with drawer and various other

unidentified pieces.  I'm particularly smitten with the glass covered coffee table above.  Anybody have

an ID on that table?  It sure is pretty.


Some other new offerings in the front of the shop.  I'm digging the hairpin leg Formica top table.  Check

out the pattern on that Formica!  How groovy is that?  And there are some nice vintage / retro pieces up

front.  I like these swivel rockers even though they aren't quite my taste.  My friend Illuminate brought a

pair of them to the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale last spring and they sold quick.  That, after I told her

that I thought they might not sell at all!  Shows what I know!


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to you! I too just chaulked up another trip around the sun back on the 9th. Just another day :)