Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Forgot To Include This Lovely Melmac Covered Butter Dish Yesterday But I Was Plannin' On Featuring This Libbey Glass Set In A Caddy Today. Status: Mine And Hers.


Yup, of course the butter dish is hers.  She's the plastics collector.  I snatched up the Libbey sky blue glasses and fully plan to offer them up at The Green Shag.  I dropped a set in there a while back without a caddy and they were gone in a flash.

We've got other Branchell and Kaye LaMoyne Branchell bits hiding somewhere around here.  Couldn't

tell ya where...but that's not uncommon.  I got an e-mail today asking about a set of bar stools that I've

got on one of my craigslist ads asking about some measurements and honestly...I couldn't think of where

I've stashed them!  Yikes.  I hope I haven't hidden them TOO well.


The last set of these that I proffered in my booth at The Green Shag Market lasted only a short while,

and that was just a set of Six!  With no Caddy!  I'm hoping that this set will find a happy new home in

short order as well.  Problem is, I haven't really had much time to tag up and drop off some of this new

stock that I've been gathering up lately.  I'm just not a morning person and getting out of the house with

enough time to get to the mall before work is tough.  I'd be so nice if I could drop in after work and do

all my re-arranging and dropping off!  But I'll get it all down there soon.  Probably Sunday.