Monday, January 28, 2013

Well, It Seemed Like It Was Time To Take Stock Of My Franciscan Starburst And See Where I Stand. Dragged The Whole Lot Out. Status: Wow!


After acquiring another dinner plate from the thrift store a few days ago I got to wondering how many dinner plates I actually had.  Uhm...a lot.  A Whole Lot.  Time to take inventory.


After the last china cabinet re-arrangement, wherein I decided to load it with nothing but Franciscan

dinnerware patterns
, I had displayed most of my Franciscan Starburst on the middle shelf.  After

featuring this display I realized that I forgot to include my coup bowls, covered butter dish and a few

other assorted items.  Then many months latter I acquired yet another lot from an ad on craigslist that

included some berry bowls and many more dinner plates.  I needed to consolidate everything and get

a good count.


I didn't even realize that I had two sets of salt and pepper shakers AND two creamers...or that I had

23 dinner plates (one with a chip, so...22 actually)!  This is ridiculous.  Under what circumstances

would I ever need 22 dinner plates?  This I cannot imagine.  So, along with the spare creamer and

pair of salt and pepper shakers I've decided to cull nine of the dinner plates.  Why nine?  Well, I'd like

to eventually have a full service for 12, so I actually pulled ten...then I thought how stupid I'd feel if I

broke a plate and only had the dozen I held onto.  So I'm keeping an extra, selling the rest to finance

furthering the madness / collection.


So here's the rundown: 22 (23 including the chipped one) dinner plates, 17 saucers, 13 teacups, 10

bread plates, 8 coup bowls (2 minor chips, 2 major chips), 8 crescent plates, 5 berry bowls, 4 Grand

mugs, 2 salt shakers, 2 pepper shakers, 2 creamers, 1 large salad bowl, 1 divided serving dish, 1 serving

platter, 1 serving dish and 1 covered butter dish.  Whew...that was a mouth full!  Of course my favorites

are the crescent plates (all perfect!) and the Grand mugs, with the berry bowls coming in a close third.

What I'd really like to get is a pitcher or two in different sizes and an oil and vinegar cruet set.  Selling

some dinner plates, salt and pepper shakers and a creamer will go a long way toward filling that gap.


So that's it in a nutshell.  At the moment I could set a pretty impressive setting for four, complete with

coup (cereal, soup) bowls, salad plates, bread plates, berry (or ice cream / custard) bowls and the

big Grand mugs.  Knock out the bowls and Grand mugs and I can set for eight, but that's the limit of

"complete" settings.  I've already taken my "extras" over to our shop; Fleur Des Lis Home Source, in

Frenchtown just north of Old St. Charles on Second Street.  I spent the weekend bringing more items

over, putting up some display shelves and re-arranging everything Again - so start saving your nickles,

we'll be open for business before you know it!


  1. You've got great taste in dinnerware Mr. Mod. This is another one of my favorite patterns. Still haven't come across any in the wild, but I hope to start on a collection some day.

  2. Wow-that is one impressive collection! I would love to see your table set up as for a small dinner party! Gorgeous!!

  3. Are you going to move into your mom's shop and leave the Green Shag or do both?

  4. This is a great collection! I remember when you acquired some of it!! :) I do love the crescent plates. Perhaps one day..

  5. Ahhhh...I just drooled a big puddle on my keyboard ;-)
    What a wonderful collection!! All these years of thrifting and I have never, not even one time, found even a single piece at a thrift.

  6. It is madness. But of the most wonderful kind. I have some things I need to sell to make room for more things as well. It makes me feel so righteous.

  7. Wow! I'm amazed at your collection! I did get my 'hunt club" plates just this weekend, so the madness has started. Lots of chips unfortunately but they were free so, hey, can't complain. I see you have Autumn in the background too, my other set I love. Lucky you! Thanks for visiting me. I have a link party on Tuesdays-Saturdays called We Call It Olde Link-Up, for any post on antiques, vintage, history, hope to see you there! -Dawn @ We Call It