Saturday, January 26, 2013

Season To Taste? Bring It On! My Friends Dansk And Quistgaard Gots My Back. But From Where Did This Emerge? Funny Story, That. Status: Freshly Cleaned And Oiled.


Lovely sculpted Teak don'cha think?  Oh, and let's not forget to mention the amazing graining.  But this heavy chunk o' wood ain't just art.  It's fer usin'!  Yep, whether it's grilling the hotdogs out back or boiling some Ramen noodles, you gotta have yourself proper seasoning tools. A Dansk salt and pepper grinder designed by Jens Quistgaard?  That'll do!


First: Where'd it come from?  A couple nights ago I just sorta "noticed" this sitting on the kitchen

counter.  It coulda been there for weeks...months even and I might not have noticed.  Look, we got

lots of stuff on out counters.  We are not minimalist anywhere but in our hopes and dreams.  But this

time, when I saw it (probably have seen it a dozen or more times) something clicked.  "That's Teak". 

I asked the Girlfriend where it had come from knowing that I certainly didn't buy it and bring it home. 

I had a suspicion that turned out correct.  It had been gifted to us from the Girlfriend's wise and

tasteful mother!


Second: My Drudgery.  OK, so we got it for nothing...but it had maybe 30 or so years of layer after

layer of kitchen grease covering it from head to to speak.  It was a mess.  It was kinda nasty.

It was...sticky.  I grabbed a scrub brush and the dish soap and went at the grease for about 25 or 30

minutes.  Afterward, the grease abolished to the drain, the S / P grinder sat naked and dry.  No way

would it survive long in that condition.  What a perfect opportunity to put David's (from Church Key

) recommendation to the test!  And what you see is the result of lightly coating the Teak with

mineral / baby oil!  Looks great.


Lastly: There are so many objects designed by Jens Quistgaard for Dansk that one could focus

exclusively on them and have quite a good time building that collection for many years.  I myself

have a number of candle holders and a very nice cutting board / cheese board.  I was going to offer

that cheese board up but now that I have this as well...well that sorta changes things!  I kinda want to

build myself a little set of Quistgaard stuff to display on my sideboard / buffet.  I can hear the Girlfriend

groaning already...and she don't even know about this yet!


  1. The Quistgaard pieces really do look classy when cleaned and oiled. My carving board, cheese board and salad bowl sit neatly stacked on the lower level of my coffee table of all places and actually look artsy. Glad you tried the tip on this piece and it worked for you.

  2. It came out really nice! Not only that, I bet it smells good, too!!! :)

  3. My wife and I went through a spell hitting the local thrifts in Grand Rapids where we seemed to be hitting the jackpot finding JHQ pepper mills. I used to sell Dansk at a Danish furniture and gift shop. Always admired JHQ design-sense.