Thursday, January 17, 2013

So Like, If I'm In St. Charles Doing Stuff...Of Course I'm Going To Check The St. Chuck Traps, Right? This Little Jewel Of A Find Came From The St. Vincent Thrift. Status: Oops...Not Fire King!


I'm always keen to find some interesting Fire King Federal Glass serving and bakeware to offer the customers at The Green Shag Market and I stumbled across this nice lot at a thrift that is a little out of my way this last weekend.  I don't get over to the St. Charles St. Vincent De Paul thrift store often enough but I seem to find at least one or two good things about every other time I do.


Nice set, dontcha think?  Anybody know what this finish or pattern is called?  I'm tiring of calling it

brownish green metallic fade.  And it's a much lovelier finish than that description would lead one to

believe.  When I picked it up the lids where Taped to the bowls and I feared that the tape might pull

off the finish but I took my time and ran hot water over them to loosen the tape before I removed it.   

I can learn.


The beauty is that it's a matched set.  Oh sure, I've seen a piece of this here and there at thrifts, antique

malls, flea markets (sigh...remember flea markets?) but it's kinda hard to find a nice set all at once like

this, right?  And custard bowls?  Get out of here!  Ok, so the only custard this guy's gonna eat here in

the StL. is probably gonna be frozen (no really, it's a St. Louis thing) or creme brulee...but I could see

eating a little ice cream or pudding out of these.


But of course I won't be eating out of any of this.  I'm dropping it all off at my booth in The Green Shag

Market.  Someone else will be cooking, serving and noshing out of these wonderful Fire King Federal

Glass pieces soon.  Heck, maybe not.  They're so purdy that they might just end up being displayed like

a lot of the cook and service ware that I collect!  And if they don't sell quick, the Girlfriend commented

on how much She likes they might just end up back here in the end.


  1. This is a nice set, however, it is not Fire King. The "F" in a shield emblem was the maker mark used by Federal Glass.

  2. Michael beat me to it. It is Federal Glass made in Columbus Ohio. I love all things milk glass so I don't discrimiate and since I'm from Columbus I have an appreciation for Federal Glass. I have a friend who's mother worked at the factor and tells stories of sneaking pieces home every time something new went into production.
    PS...i think you should do your next CL search in Columbus. Slim pickings in my opiion or way over priced!

  3. The previous posters are correct it is Federal Glass and it's called Moss Brown.

  4. Thanks M. Michael and Brenda G!

    I goofed! I assumed the set was Fire King just based on that one letter when I should have done my due diligence. Thanks so much for giving me and the readers the correct info. You guys rock!

  5. Learn something new everyday. I have been collecting milk glass for over 20 years and never knew about this makers mark.....DUH. I need to go check some of my pieces around here.