Sunday, January 27, 2013

While Picking Up The Giancarlo "Alki" Chairs Last Week I Asked The Seller If The Tables That Were In The Pics Were Maybe Available Too. They Weren't Right Then, But I Got A Call A Few Days Later. Status: Bonus!


I could just barely see this coffee table and little side table in the ad for the Giancarlo Piretti slipper chairs that I picked up last week.  I knew I would have liked to check them out, if they were available, but it was so late when I stopped by to pick up the chairs that having an opportunity to peruse the tables as well was out of the question.


The seller wasn't sure if they even Were available.  He seemed to be liquidating a family members

furnishings for one reason or another, I don't ask questions about this as...well, it's really none of my

business.  I guess he had to ask another family member if they wanted them first.  A few days after

picking up the chairs the seller texted me pics of the tables and asked if I was still interested.  Of course

I was!  I shot him back an offer and we made arrangements to meet again after I got off work.  In the

back of Frank (the Focus Wagon) they went and straight to the ('ll be open soon, promise!)

shop in Frenchtown.


The small round end table is a Lane but I've got nothing on the square coffee table.  It's heavy and

nicely constructed.  Check out the weird color difference on the bottom.  I'm starting to get some stock

up in here finally.  It's remarkable how easy it is to fill up even a space as generous as this!  I'm getting

close.  I dropped off the Giancarlo Piretti chairs this evening along with that black and chrome "tulip"

table lamp and while I was there I started putting up some shelving for smalls.  I managed to get two

sets of two up tonight but I need some additional hardware to put up any more so I'll be dropping by

the True Value tomorrow. 


I couldn't decide how to set this little "vignette" up but this is how I left it.  I even thought about putting

the desk against the wall but I may end up re-arranging ALL of this eventually.  I'm not married...or even

particularly smitten with how I've got in here at the moment, but I'm gonna have to have it situated soon

'cuz people don't wanna be trippin' all over stuff to get around a shop.  I think I had the camera on the

wrong setting which, combined with the florescent lighting, left me with less than flattering color in these



As you can see I'm falling behind with getting things up and running here.  I've still got lots of case goods

and tons of smalls to bring by.  At least you can see that things are coming to fruition.  We'll be open soon.
Of course I'll let ya know when we hang our shingle and throw open the doors.  Ya' all will be invited to

drop by and say howdy!

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  1. Love that lamp. I'll have to do some digging in the archives to find out where it came from.

    If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, that color issue should be pretty easy to fix. I can't remember what you use for photo editing.