Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yesterday's United Furniture Bedroom Set Score Yielded More Than Dressers And A Bed, While There I Noticed A Large Piece Of Art Above The Fireplace And Decided To Bring That Home As Well. Status: Cleaned And Ready.


1971?  Wow, that's 42 years old!  It's been Fall for 42 years and counting.  The sellers who sold me that beautiful United Furniture bedroom set yesterday also sold me this.  I asked about it as soon as I spotted it and they said, "yes, as a matter of fact we were just putting it on craigslist!".  I'll take that too, thanks! Then I had to clean off 42 years of dust.


This big two piece Curtis Jere was in the living room at the sellers home when I went to pick up the

bedroom set that I featured yesterday
.  After spending a pretty good chunk of change on the bedroom

set yesterday I almost balked at buying this too.  I'm glad the little devil on my shoulder (and the seller)

won the argument and talked me into it.  I didn't spot the "signature" and date until well after I decided

to buy it.  Actually I wasn't even sure it was a C. Jere when I decided to bring it home.


The larger of the two pieces isn't signed.  It's actually only signed on the smaller of the two.  I think the

larger piece may have been signed but that leaf may have broken off at some time.  There is some

evidence that there is a missing leaf near the base which is were the signed leaf on the smaller one is

located.  Not that it matters, I'll be offering this only as a set when we finally open the new shop in St.

Charles' "Frenchtown".  Don't worry, we'll be opening soon.  More details concerning our new shop,

"Fluer De Lis - Home Source", to follow!


  1. Man, let me know when you are opening up and I'll come check the new place out.

  2. Lucky guy! You've really had some nice finds lately!

  3. Love it! I was lucky enough to find the larger piece identical to yours at an estate sale in Kirkwood last year. It is signed on the lowest, (shortest) of the 3 branches, on the first leaf closest to the branch. Ours just has the copyright C. jere and not the date. What a great find-- I didn't know there was a shorter, matching branch!!!

    Sharon of cluelesscampers

  4. My sister and I are also located in Frenchtown on 2nd Street. I have not seen your sign for Fleur de Lis...are you keeping it a secret? But I think I know where you'll be...lots of new business on 2nd Street, all of us old-timers are thrilled! Too bad the Bike Shop is gone, they had great sandwiches. Welcome to the neighborhood! kg

    1. I live in Frenchtown! I'm so excited to see all of the great new shops opening up. Wish they'd bring some restaurants down this way though! I'm sure I'll be in all the time!!