Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Craigslist Hasn't Been As Fruitful These Days As It Once Was, But There Are Still Good Finds Out There For The Persistent.

I had to make a little road trip to Springfield to get these but it was worth the drive to pick up a nice looking set of Casala chairs by Alexander Beege.

You might remember, if you are a long time Modtomitrist, a post I made way way back in the day about Chromcraft knockoffs of the Casala chair.  When I spotted these, and even up until I had them sitting right in front of me, I wasn't even sure whether or not these were the real deal. Soon as I flipped one over though, a pleasant wave of relief washed over ol' Mr. Modtomic! Now all I gots to do is clean 'em up and find some more appropriate cushions...and maybe a new home for them! I already have too much mod patio stuff!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

See...I'm Still Here! This Morning We Got Up And Out Early For A Trip To The Wentzville Flea. We Even Managed To Find A Few Goodies! check Out The Video.

We didn't come across any EPIC finds this weekend, but it was a beautiful early fall morning and we did find a couple good items.

Hope you are finding all the good stuff too!

Monday, October 2, 2017

I Know....I've Really Fallen Off The Wagon Here At Modtomic Headquarters. Well, Here's Something New! Sorta. A Broyhill Brasilia Quick-N-Dirty "Refinish".

This is really just a short video showing how well Howards Restore-a-finish works on pieces where the finish is questionable but the surfaces are otherwise fine. It's not magic, but it does produce decent enough results!