Thursday, January 30, 2014

Savers Thrift Lot! Mr. M Found All Good Stuff At The Savers In Fairview Heights Last Sunday. Some Castle Silverware, A Royal Haeger Bowl And A Witco Owl. Status: Mini Haul!


Nothing like a little thrift haul to finish off a weekend.  Sunday we stopped by a couple of thrifts in Fairview Heights after scouring the antique mall.  The Goodwill yielded zilch but the Savers came through nicely!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another (Sorta) Before And After! It's Really Just A Couple Of Shots Of One Cleaned Up Base And One Not So Much On A Pair Of Burke Upholstered Shell Chairs I Picked Up Over The Weekend. Status: Half Way There?


It's amazing what a little steel wool and cleaning solution can accomplish!  The seats and upholstery on this pair of Burke side chairs are in great shape but the bases have seen better days.  They've suffered at the feet of who knows how many people for who knows how many years.  Time to clean 'em up!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Holy Crap! Remember These?! A Whole Heapin' Helpin' Of Childhood Nostalgia Flooded Me When I Found This Excellent Example Of A Radio Flyer Ride On At The Thrift Store Saturday Evening. Status: Available.


Doesn't everybody want their children to have (and more importantly...appreciate!) the same great toys we still cherish from our misspent youth (oh face it...we all know we wasted those first five or so years). Before the big consumer electronics dealers took over I bet that was eBay's bread and butter!

Before And After. This Was The Last Piece Of The United Furniture Corp Bedroom Set That I Picked Up Last Year. Now It's A Fantastic Credenza / TV Stand! Status: Headed To Da Booth!


This has become a pretty flexible little piece!  It can be used as a bookshelf and display stand, a TV entertainment center or even as a footboard case piece.  You could even place this on top of a long dresser or credenza for additional storage and display area.  See, flexible!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Is A Little Out Of The Ordinary For Mr. Modtomic: A Vintage Oak Blueprint File Coffee Table. Still, It Fits Right In Here In My Booth At Creve Coeur. Good Thing, 'Cuz About A Quarter Of My Items Disappeared Over The Week! Status: Available.


I've been really looking at leaning into the Restoration Hardware look in my offerings, if not yet in our home (though I'm still fishing for that perfect leather Chesterfield sofa!).  This vintage blueprint file case certainly fits that bill.  Just dropped it in the booth this afternoon after giving it a good cleanup.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Work Vs. Reward. Sometimes You Hit Several Thrift Stores And Come Up Empty Handed. Then You Find That ONE Thing At Your Last Stop! And Sometimes That One Thing Makes It All Worth The Effort. Status: NIB


I had taken a trip to South County visiting Tandy Leather and the South County Antique Mall, picking up some beautiful suede from Tandy but otherwise not I headed for the southern thrifts that I rarely hit.  After visiting two others I found this NIB Dansk salad bowl set at the Goodwill for a song.  Score!

Houston...We Got No Problem...'Cuz We Got Lots Of Style And Lots Of Bargains! Wanna See What Kinda Trouble We Can Get Up To On The Houston TX Craigslist? Sure Ya Do! Status: Not My Turf!

Greetings from Houston, Texas - Large Letter Postcard

It's been stupid cold here in St. Louis and usually I'd probably be all jealous of that Texas weather, but I bet they ain't having any picnics in the park either this winter.  Still, they got some pretty good stuff on craigslist, so let's check it out.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yeahhhahhaha... That's What I Like To See! Cuz That Booth Rent Ain't Gonna Pay Itself. Mr. Modtomic Has Been Given A Warm Welcome Out In West County At The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur. Status: Feelin' Pretty Good.


Yup, I like seeing those "Sold" tags on stuff.  I came in this weekend to find FOUR of 'em on some sizable pieces.  You guys know how to put a big ol' grin on a Mister's mug!  Some of these items had JUST been dropped off!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Uh...I Don't Know. Maybe It's A Torture Device For Deer. Spotted While Out At The South County Antique Mall. But It's Just A Creepy Aside. Wanna See Who's Moving Into My Old Booth? Status: Update.


Yeah, that's a weird thing to find at an antique mall.  It looks like an Iron Maiden for poor hapless deer!  I'm guessing that it's actually a mold to make foam deer for archery target practice.  Or maybe really big deer candles.  But that's not what this post is about.  It's about my old booth # 195 at the Creve Coeur Antique Mall.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Apparently, Lot's Of Items Found New Forever Homes Today Out Of Booth 307 At The Creve Coeur Antique Mall. No Worries, I'll Be By Sunday To Drop Off More...Including Some Artwork And Clocks From Dan's Joint! Status: Decking The Walls!


You might remember this original piece of art by home owner Dan from this posting a while back.  Yes, Dan painted this himself!  He's quite the Renaissance man.  I keep telling him that he should make more of these.  I'd be happy to place them on my walls whenever they're ready.  You'd like one, right?!

Friday, January 17, 2014

What The What? Scaffolding? In The Booth At Creve Coeur? Am I Hanging Drywall Or Something? Neah! It's Just A Bunch Of Shelving Units That I Picked Up Today. Status: Bargain Necessities.


Once again, I had to get my tired butt up out of bed this morning at the crack of Nine O'clock.  This time to secure a nice lot of shelving units to further display smalls in the booth (#307) at the antique mall in Creve Coeur.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back In Booth 307...It's Looking Pretty Filled Out Now, Don'cha Think? I Had Just Enough Time To Bring In And Tag Up A Car Load Of Goodies Today Before Work. By This Weekend I Should Have The Booth Even More Repleat With Vintage Modern Goodness. Status: Joy!


I found a nice line of craigslist paydirt this morning on the east side of the Mississippi and was able to fill the back (and top!) of Frank the Focus Wagon.  I got all that done early enough to then tool straight over to the Creve Coeur Antique Mall and drop some of it off in my booth / shop before work.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When You Buy A Lot Of Used Furniture You Have To Deal With A Lot Of Upholstery That Needs Attention. I Brought Home A Bissel Upright Cleaner A While Back But It Can Be Unwieldy. Enter The Little Green Machine! Status: Cheap Clean.


Not all goodwill finds are of a vintage nature.  Sometimes they're just things you need and are useful.  It's nice when they are things that'll help you WITH the other vintage thrift store finds!  This little hot water upholstery cleaner is just such a find...and it was pretty cheap.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

...And Finally, The Swag From The Midway Antique Mall! I Only Journeyed To Mid-Missouri For One Dresser, But Returned Home With A Car Load! Status: Nice Haul.


The last item I found at the Midway Antique Mall was this Moe Honeycomb pendant lamp.  It's in remarkably good shape, having no appreciable scratches or any cracks in that beautiful golden orange honeycomb cone.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Weekend...More Stock In "The Shop" @ Creve Coeur Antique Mall. Straight From Columbia Mo, Burke Tulip Table Trio. These Never Even Made It Out Of The Car! Status: Available.


It was the little side table that got me.  There was an ad on craigslist in Columbia for a blue recliner, nothin' special...but sitting next to it was one of these two matching Burke Tulip side tables.  After calling the seller I found out there was a pair.  I put them on my list.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Drive Out To Columbia Mo Friday Morning Was...In A Word: Crumby. But The Reward Was Great. Not Just The Takings But Also Finding A Great New Antique Mall To Check Out! Midway Antique Mall, Columbia Mo. Status: Sadly, So Far Away.


Finally, the temp rose above freezing and the highway was clear.  I had purchased a dresser from a vendor at the Midway Antique mall over the phone with a credit card and needed to get out there and pick it up.  Driving 230 miles in the rain wasn't pleasant but the effort was rewarded.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Today Found Mr. Modtomic At A Huge Antique Mall Near Columbia Mo Called The Midway Antique Mall. See That Ridiculously Big Ceiling Fan? There Were Like Half A Dozen Of 'Em In Here...Plus Lots Of Good Stuff! Status: Worth The Drive.


Seriously, have you ever seen such an immense ceiling fan? I can imagine the mayhem that would follow should they ever get cranked up on Hi! They'd probably lift the roof right off the building. But never mind that, wanna see some if the stuff that I didn't buy?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Last Time I Brought A Load Of Loot Home From New Orleans I Feel Like I Did A Little Better Than This Trip, But Then We Had A Little More Time To Shop Then Too. This And The Tiki Mugs Are All That Came Home With The Mr. Status: Matched Set.


These matching ashtrays and yesterday's Tiki mugs were the only items I could find to bring home from our latest trip to New Orleans.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I also bought a few large pieces of suede for an impending project.  Oddly enough, the leather shop was nearly right next door to the thrift store!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Huh, When I Picked These Up At A Thrift Store In New Orleans Over The Holidays I Figured They Were Contemporary And That The Huki Lau In Metairie La. Might Still Be Around. Not So Much. It's Been Gone For Decades! Status Vintage Tiki Mugs!


While crashing with Mom-tomic in New Orleans the Girlfriend and I got a little tour of the surrounding area including a pretty nice, if somewhat pricey, thrift store.  For realz, most of the prices made us all laugh out loud...but that 'cuz we come from the land of plenty - St. Louis.  Still, this lot of Tiki mugs managed to find their way into both my basket...and my heart.  Awe...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Working A Later Shift Today Afforded Me The Opportunity To Deliver A Few More Large Items To Booth 307 This Afternoon. It Still Looks Pretty Empty Though...At Least To My Eyes. Status: Getting There.


Not only did I get to drop off a few more items this afternoon, but I also had a chance to take a few vignette photos while there. It's amazing how quickly the time gets away from you when you have to tag all these wonderful items though. I had to shoot these pics more quickly than I'd have liked, but some of them turned out nice.

These Cherner Ant Chairs Are The Very Definition Of "Farm Fresh"! I Haven't Even Swept Away The Cobwebs Yet. Yup, Another Late Night Craigslist Find. Status: Awaiting Cleanup.


Mr. M just plain ol' got lucky this evening!  I almost always go for a walk on my dinner break from work and even though it was about -3 degrees out, I still did so this evening.  Much to my chagrin, almost all of the places I dine at were closed so I ended up at Schnucks Market downtown, half frozen.  Uh, that's obviously not the lucky part.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day. Didn't Get Nothin' Done Today, Save Shoveling The Driveway. Geezus...A Dozen Plus Inches. Status: Day Off.


Yup, took advantage of the first snowstorm of the new year to do every bit of nothin'! I coulda' / shoulda' pulled a project out of the garage and gotten to work on it, but I just wasn't able to muster the energy. After shoveling all that snow in the driveway...I'm glad I saved it.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

And That's A Wrap For Booth 195! Geez, Having To Move Out Of Two Places In One Month Kinda Sucks, But The Result Is Seriously Cool! Status: Beat.


Today was the day.  I finally started moving into my new space at The Creve Coeur Antique Mall, Booth 307.  It's far in the back of the rather sizable antique mall, just like booth 195 was, but this booth is actually a room unto itself with only a doorway to promote all the lovely, lovely what-nots contained within.  I need a sign.

The French Quarter Isn't A Bargain Hunter's Dream But We Do Have Our Favorite Shops To Haunt When In Town. On This Particular Trip We Didn't Buy Anything Here But Not For Lack Of Swoon Worthy Finds. Status: Mystery / Left Behind.


I was really digging this lucite and wood sculpture we found at Collectible Antiques on Decatur.  I just couldn't pull that $150 trigger though.  Thing is, I could almost swear that I've seen this piece before, probably on the web.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Other Little Score From Earlier This Week Was This Long Walnut Coffee Table. No Name Or Maker On The Bottom Or Anything Like That Though. Status: Mystery.


You just can't go wrong with a nice long walnut solid wood coffee table.  This is vintage modern 101.  You can drop this in front of your favorite vintage Danish sofa or a brand new piece from Macy's and it'll add a great deal of style and legitimacy to your joint.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First, Happy New Year!!! While In NOLA, We Never Made It To What Used To Be Neophobia (And Is Now Loisel Vintage Modern) But There Was Plenty Of Cool Stuff At The Magazine Street Antique Mall To Scavenge Through. Status: Recommended.


Neophobia was always one of our favorite stops in New Orleans.  I guess it's been a little while since our last time through since we found it gone and in it's place Loisel Vintage Modern.  We peeked in through the windows up front and were sorely dissapointed that we weren't able to get in, but I am happy with their choice of name.  I've been championing the term "Vintage Modern" ever since I started blogging as a more appropriate label for that which we all love.  Seems to be catching on!